How to find a doctor for a special child

Как найти врача для особенного ребенка

Not every specialist can correctly examine, if the child RACES, cerebral palsy or down syndrome.

What are the specifics of the physician’s work with special children, said Stanislav Gaponov, destinology medical network “Dobrobut”.

As it is important not to lose time

Most parents learn that their child is special, often make a serious mistake: start to look for a miracle method that will be effective in their case. As a result, they lose precious time that should go to a number of comprehensive measures rather than long trousers. It is in this period of a child’s life, the correction will be more successful and will give good results.

Center destinology special development has been created exactly for this purpose – to carry out early diagnosis for the timely detection of features of development of children and implement the individual plan of remedial procedures.

Before the opening of the Centre carried out a sociological study, by which we understand that parents have many unanswered questions. In fact, no one had provided special children a range of services, as experts could be not only in different parts of the city, but in the different corners of Ukraine.

Thanks to the team of doctors Center special development parents see planned for children programme of action, know what will be the prospect in 5-10 years. As a result, they feel more confident and calm.

Как найти врача для особенного ребенка



More than professionals

It should be noted that doctors in ordinary clinics are not ready for the reactions of special children. Such patients need to be able to communicate, to pass special training. Untrained physician unconsciously distanciruemsa during the inspection, and mum sees it and starts to get nervous, the kid automatically feels her mood, so the atmosphere is heating up.

The work of the Center is structured to most effectively help the child and his family. Each specialist (destinology, pediatric cardiologist, speech therapist, speech pathologist, etc.), which examines a special child is a professional in his field and is trained in the techniques of work with such children.

Как найти врача для особенного ребенка



It all starts with the first steps

When we begin therapy, then immediately Orient the parents that it will be laborious, lengthy and daily work. Because adaptation programs often require long years of hard work and training strong-willed parents. And then you can expect to improve the quality of adult life of the child. So the earlier the correction, the greater the prospects. I’d like to share our achievements over the 5 months of work. In February to us for inspection led the boy, who was only 2 years. Sergei showed no emotion, even when it was called mom. He did not notice their own grandmother, did not respond to the doctor. It seemed that they simply do not like the baby one in the office. Began sessions with a psychologist, and after the third Serezha began to notice people. But after the sixth child’s emotions: he was happy when he saw the mother cried when she left the office, ran to meet grandmother. Relatives could not hold back tears – so notable was the progress in communication Serezha with people.

Another boy was already 5 years old, when my mother in mid-January addressed to our Center. Bogdan didn’t talk to others and not even in contact with parents. Family was very important to see that the experts will find the approach to their son. Because the child for a long time was like cut off from the world. Bogdan completed five sessions with a speech therapist and four with the special psychologist. Mom was very afraid that time is missed and the doctors can’t help her son, but the kid started to say a few words, then to make short sentences and communicate with people who surrounded him. You should have seen the faces of the parents of Bogdan! Imagine what it was incentive for them to continue working?! It is very emotionally strong feelings for your family because their child came in contact, he listens and willing to learn.

One can cite many such examples, but this shows that it is possible to improve the quality of life of the child, if the time to contact the experts. Work in a team of people who are not indifferent to the problems of special children and their parents, professional help is the most important what motivates each of our specialists. We know that the life of a special child is not a death sentence. In the world plenty of examples where these children have become successful in the profession, built relationships, were able to be realized. Most importantly, do not miss the moment. If you have the slightest suspicion or a doctor, go for it! Our doors are always open and staff ready to start timely correction and adaptation of a special child.