How to get out of pension medical clinch?

Как выйти из пенсионно-медицинского клинча?

There is information that the government may make in the BP pension reform. My suggestion is to take first health reform. That is to introduce medical insurance, when insurance premiums, call it GASOLINE – only medical contribution made by the employer MF medical Fund. Reform to consolidate occupancy MF exclusively from such contributions.

News on topic: For the modernization of the pension system until the end of the year will require about 11 billion hryvnia – Rozenko

This will motivate the workers to demand from employers the full legalization of wages. Why? Because the pension for most workers somewhere far away, and health here and now. If you’ll be sick tomorrow and work illegally, do not pay GASOLINE, then you will be treated at your expense. In the case of legal employment pays Matt.

Legalization of wages, after health reforms will have the effect of the pension system in the future will increase revenues to the pension Fund ERUs. Then you should decide on pension reform. Or remains solidary system, read a pyramid scheme because pensioners receive a pension, while workers pay contributions. Or immediately enter still funded system.

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Then you have to think about something like insurance Fund pensions. The same relates to the guarantee Fund treatment. Since the money in the insurance funds, pension and medical, not lay, and work in investments. If the economy is efficient and stable insurance funds in the funds will be. In the case of economic turbulence this can cause problems, and then the state must guarantee people’s pensions, and treatment. As the court of last resort. Temporarily, until economic stabilization.

Vladimir Manko, political expert

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