How to heal the fatigue from football – a method of Tevez

Как исцелить усталость от футбола - метод Тевеса

Carlos Tevez

Argentinian Carlos Tevez yesterday officially became vysokooplachivaema player in the world.

Since yesterday, Carlitos gets 753 thousand dollars a week. This is 39 million per year and 240 thousand dollars more than the GDP of Tuvalu – a Polynesian state in the Pacific ocean.

However, not always the money were the attacker in the first place. Yes, Tevez has earned well his entire career, but he always thought it was just a “bonus” to the enjoyment of the sport # 1.

“I don’t want to play football. I’m tired of not only this sport, but also from people who work in it.

They obsess about money and I do not like it. It is terrible when young players are not interested in winning titles and just chasing financial gain”, once you get pissed off at the Argentinian, who is still a Manchester city player.

Как исцелить усталость от футбола - метод Тевеса

Then the Argentine has repeatedly made such statements and even threatened at the age of 28 to leave Home. But stayed, endured, and… signed with the Juventus one of the largest contracts in the history of the Turin club.

Issuing a couple of wonderful seasons in Italy, Carlos has kept his promise and went to spend honestly earned in his native Buenos Aires, simultaneously playing out a game at Boca juniors, the club that gave the Apache the way in life.

However, the ridiculous 2 million a year, which he, not without problems, but paid to the Sides, not impressed with the Argentine, and after a year it “swallowed” the lure of Chinese money monsters under him rewriting the financial component of football.

The first interview with his club team more time is not given, but it is unlikely he will remember his words, spoken five years ago – because for every hour in China he was paid 4 and a half thousand dollars…

Как исцелить усталость от футбола - метод Тевеса

Recall that for Shanghai Shenhua, in addition to Tevez is former Chelsea striker Demba BA and the famous former player of inter, Wolfsburg, who had already populate in the MLS, Obafemi Martins.

Interestingly, yesterday’s painting Tevez was stripped of the title of the highest-paid player in the world his compatriot LAVEZZI Ezekiela. Based near Shanghai Hebei China fortune, pays the ex-PSG player 605 thousand dollars a week.

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