How to insulate house

Как правильно утеплить дом

From may 1, Ukraine has reduced the gas price for the population 8550 UAH per thousand cubic meters to UAH 8247. But this does not mean that the price of gas will not raise in the future.

The agreement with the IMF, Ukraine has committed itself by 2020 to equalize gas prices for the population with the market. So price hike is inevitable.

To the costs of housing maintenance did not grow requires the effective use of energy resources. How to do it? For example, to insulate the house.

Как правильно утеплить дом



What we can insulate

It is better to choose a comprehensive system of warming of facades, where all system components are fully coordinated physical and technological parameters. There are two main types of systems A and b based on type of insulation: Styrofoam (In) and mineral wool (A). The foam is a more economical material, it is moisture-resistant, vapor-permeable enough, does not support combustion. Mineral wool – eco-friendly insulation, sound absorbing, flow steam, moisture proof. But you must understand that this is only one component of the system.

Most affordable “wet” method of winterization of facades – fixing and finishing of insulation with the help of special solutions, adhesives, paints and plasters. It is important to pay attention to the solution which does not fade.

The composition of such solutions also includes reinforcing mesh, without which the concrete layer will not fulfill its technological functions of preventing crack formation in the system.

And although it would seem easy to choose adhesives and plasters for facade insulation, too not worth the risk.

It is important to choose the right adhesives and plasters for facade insulation. The incompatibilities between components, temperature changes in the offseason, the heat in the scorching sun in summer and frost in winter is likely to lead to the appearance of cracks and the facade quickly come into disrepair, and the insulation system will simply lose its purpose is to provide comfortable accommodation.

Only in an integrated system, all components are technically correct, matched and tested. Thus, the insulation system will serve a minimum of 25 years without needing repair.

Как правильно утеплить дом



The optimal solution

Insulation system Caparol is a versatile and effective solution for termoyadernyi houses. High-quality insulation of facades in winter keeps the heat, and cool in summer, creating an optimal microclimate in the room. Thanks to the technology of self-cleaning facades stain resistant.

You can choose one of three insulation systems building: Capatect standard – traditional mineral system meets all the necessary European certificates, Capatect Classic system is stain resistant and has a high resistance to cracking and Capatect Carbon is the most durable system with the maximum resistance and rich colors, impact resistance of the facade, up to 60 j in one reinforced layer.

Living experience

Leonid, Kharkov

I have a country house near Kharkiv – 404 square meters. The main result of the system installation Caparol – I used to have the gas flow rate was about 12 thousand cubic meters a year, now – around 4 thousand. That is due to the insulation I has reduced gas consumption by three times. Here you have the savings.

Before to warm the house, I considered different options we have in Kharkov there is a plant for the production of insulation systems. I took characteristics, called builders, to learn their opinion, and I immediately said, “Yes, you can find cheaper, but better than Caparol will not find.” We have a cottage a set of insulation system, and I see some are already repainted, something close up, the cracks appeared. Those who worked with Caparol – neither of whom had heard that there are problems, and others know what it is.

Heat keeps excellent. I’m a physicist by profession, when work took, took a special device and checked around the house, including the roof, I have no questions. In the summer I include chilling at home for 2-3 weeks, when peak heat, and that, starting only from the third floor. First never include a third, sometimes second.

I chose system of insulation first quality, the second thermal characteristic, and the third appearance. Experts Caparol I picked it all up, themselves mounted, did everything under the key. I am very happy, have no headache. I have inside the house paint Caparol.

Как правильно утеплить дом



Sergey, Exactly

The shop “Caparol” I took all the insulation system has already been operated for two years, no complaints there. Considered other options warming, we are near the border, many friends brought from Poland thermal insulation system. But we took Caparol paint for interior work, and a lot of materials, when the question arose with insulation, began to chat with the guys from Caparol and they were persuaded to take their system and told, how it differs from competitors, the better. Installation carried out my builders, but they consulted with people from Caparol.

Happy with the quality, all dust emissions that accumulate in dry weather, during rain easily washed from home. And retains heat, and from an aesthetic point of view, from the point of view of appearance – everything is beautiful.