How to recover after the holidays: bath with milk and mono –

Как прийти в себя после праздников: ванна с молоком и монодиета

Recover after the holidays will help milk bath

Poisoning, robbery, injury, and fire are the main dangers that await us in a protracted winter holidays.

Not isolated cases, when Christmas and new year holidays turn into a continuous emergency situation. Statistics of applications for assistance to doctors, firefighters and police during the holidays every year is only growing.

Injury, poisoning, burglary and fire are the main dangers that await celebrating. How to avoid them and to freshen up after the long January holidays – in the material Корреспондент.net.



Как прийти в себя после праздников: ванна с молоком и монодиета

Danger Christmas buffet (photo:

For festive feasts in our country used to be prepared very carefully, the tables groaning with the number and variety of dishes. Gluttony in the New year is fraught with at least indigestion, can also get inflamed pancreas, aggravated chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

How to avoid poisoning recover after the celebration

In order to avoid digestive problems, physicians suggest not to wait for the holiday feast, the whole day fasting. This leads to the fact that a large amount of food, which then gets into the stomach, will cause stress to the digestive system. Need a full day there, and an hour before the meal easy to eat.

On the festive table it is necessary to minimize the number of dishes dressed with mayonnaise. Start your meal with a light vegetable salads, cheese and meats. Rape stomach, trying a piece or a spoonful of each dish on the table, not worth it.

To avoid overloading the digestive system, the physicians are advised to use drugs that improve digestion.

The next day after the feast, it is necessary to give the body a rest and sit on a cleansing mono-diet. The most effective – dairy products, brown rice and vegetables.

In addition, due to overeating (and lack of sleep and alcohol) may be affected skin. So after the holidays we need a double-dose of vitamin C and E as well as hyaluronic acid, which will help to moisturize the epidermis. Fruit mask for face (e.g., kiwi, orange, lemon juice), serum and peeling absolutely necessary.


Как прийти в себя после праздников: ванна с молоком и монодиета

Alcohol poisoning in the New year (Photo: RIA Novosti)

In Christmas and new year holidays the amount of alcohol consumed beats all conceivable records. Hospitals are overflowing with patients with alcohol intoxication.

How to avoid

Alcoholic beverages do not mix, and if it does interfere, then to the side increase the degree.

Do not drink alcoholic beverages on an empty stomach and not eating. Before the meal drink a few tablets of activated charcoal.

Alcohol is not recommended to drink soda.

To neutralize the negative effects of alcohol will help physical activity, douches, and the use of chicken broth, dairy products, cucumber or cabbage brine.

To cleanse the body from alcohol and toxins, in the course of a day you should drink 1-2 glasses of mineral water with lemon juice. So to cleanse the skin and freshen up the body.

To relax and recover after the holidays will help a fragrant bath with sea salt, essential oils of lavender, citrus.

You can add in a bath of 1.5 liters of fresh cow’s milk – invigorate and enrich the skin with nutrients. Milk should be fat content of 3.5%, reheat on the stove, not boiling. Pour into the bathroom, half filled with warm water, then fill with water to the desired level.

After milk bath to take a shower is not necessary. It is sufficient to wet skin with a towel, and we can assume that a gentle cream for the body is already done.


Starting with new year’s eve, in the casualty departments of the hospitals are always Packed. Primarily traumatic, any pyrotechnics.

Dangerous injury of the night and walk the snowy streets. Often go to walk not quite sober people with impaired coordination.

Как прийти в себя после праздников: ванна с молоком и монодиета

Injury in the New year (photo:

In addition, under the influence of alcohol in a person dulled the pain, he doesn’t feel the hypothermia.

Often injured eyes: children from a spark Sparkler in adults – cork of champagne.

How to avoid

When you plan to walk, then go for it in appropriate footwear and clothing. And if there was a fall and there is suspicion of a dislocation or fracture, the limb is immobilized and visit the emergency room.

In your personal first aid kit should be bandages, plaster, disinfectant, burn ointment.

The robbers

Как прийти в себя после праздников: ванна с молоком и монодиета

The risk of robbery in the New year (photo: still from the film home Alone)

Using a low concentration of people during the Christmas holidays, criminals will noticeably quicken. For example, a telephone con artists are sending messages supposedly from banks about blocking cards. Other crooks Rob the home, having carefully studied before doing the daily routine of the owners and learned that for the holidays the house will be empty.

How to avoid

That house in the new year holidays, nobody will be better not to tell outsiders.

Is to negotiate with neighbors who will visit the apartment to water the plants, feed and walk your Pets, bring in the mail.

An ideal variant – to put apartment under protection.


The prospect of the fire, which was caused by a live Christmas tree, is maintained until the release of trees and collapse of garlands. Find a tree, which before the sale was treated with special chemicals that are sensitive to fire. Thanks to them, the tree stays fresh for a long time, but enough of a little spark and fire can not be avoided.

Как прийти в себя после праздников: ванна с молоком и монодиета

A fire at New year because of Christmas tree (Photo: screenshot)

In the United States even made a video of a dry Christmas tree in a minute can burn the apartment.

Also the cause of the fire is not seldom become dry twigs. Second circuit of lights, decorating the tree, or the sparks from the sparklers, and the tree will light up like a match.

Find a tree, which is decorated with lighted candles.

Marvelous garland of unknown origin are often unstable to fire, because it is not coated with a special flame retardant. In addition, not all garlands are intended for external use, only internal.

The irreplaceable companions of the winter celebration – firecrackers, sparklers and fireworks.

Как прийти в себя после праздников: ванна с молоком и монодиета

The danger of a Sparkler on New year (photo:

The safest from this list mistakenly believe sparklers. But the sparks from the lights, trapped in synthetic clothing, there are several times more dangerous than the flame from a fire.

Carry the risk of fire with subsequent burns to his hands and playing with firecrackers. People buy the products of dubious quality, which explode in his hands.

Multiple sparks from fireworks on the top of the list of fire tools. Light the fireworks stands in an open area, away from houses and people. Have a quality product there is always the manual.

In Ivano-Frankivsk Student seriously wounded by a firecracker at the opening of the Christmas tree

How to avoid

To buy pyrotechnics it is necessary only to sellers who possess quality certificates for the products. From pyrotechnics have a shelf life, after which the use item is prohibited.

Experts advise to constantly moisturize the wood, for example, coating the branches with water.

That garland was not the cause of the fire, before using it to carefully inspect and broken bulbs replaced. Threat garland, where more than 50 light bulbs.

Как прийти в себя после праздников: ванна с молоком и монодиета

Fire danger for the New year (photo:

Meshing garland on the wall, it is better to use clips, not nails. Dangerous to place garlands in close proximity to Windows and doors.

It is impossible to include in one socket more than three garlands.

Leaving the house at least for a few minutes, lights should be turned off.

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