How to ruin a creative career. Guide to office horror stories

Как угробить карьеру креативно. Путеводитель по офисным страшилкам

How to build a career

It would seem, how empty the place ruining his career with his own hands, written, rewritten.

But about the same wall split foreheads of all the new and thousands of men — young and not so, writes Olga Buividovich in No. 35 of the magazine Reporter.

Career reefs to speak-spoke. Things have become office folklore, memes, and cartoons. In General, there are four directions from which danger comes: contacting potential employer (CV, etc.), errors of the first days and weeks in a new place, the wrong career planning and systematic destruction of his own career with the rank “not the first day of working.” Begin, correctly, with the offer of their services to a future employer.

Not a resume — the novel

As you know, with a birthmark and start looking for a new job. It would seem that here difficult. Went to the site to find work, filled out all the items added Hobbies, links to social media sites and sit-wait. But, according to the expert on personnel issues Elena Lazebnaya, many of the summary allow the number of errors. “There are five fatal mistakes in summary: the mismatch of jobs, illiteracy (spelling and grammatical errors), high self-esteem when the in summary little information: just listed the place of work, but it doesn’t say what exactly the man was doing. And, of course, a lie.”

And then Lazebnaya adds that to identify a lie is now quite simple. First, you can view the social network, secondly, to call the previous employers. But this is only in the case that a potential candidate is in doubt. With the availability in summary grammatical errors discourages the employer to agree, and managing editor Julia ForumDaily Bunyak, Lowrisk. If the applicant does not know the spelling and didn’t even bother to check how to spell a particular word, it’s immediately a red flag.

Also, there are things you laugh rather than scare. Especially amused by the standard phrase that candidates are confident users of Word or a PC that has long passed into the category of skills, which is not worth making a separate accent. “I remember one summary that was about all my “favorite” once. 27-year-old girl among three basic skills indicated work on the computer, the ability to “many and concentrated work” and “the ability to fully relax and unwind with the subsequent concentration of efforts to achieve the goal”. Unfortunately for her, this was not the skills I expected to see a potential journalist,” she says.

Как угробить карьеру креативно. Путеводитель по офисным страшилкам

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However, not all employers are so adamant. According to the founder of a network of Medtech Alexey Davidenko, when the job summary again: “I will personally escort interview with candidates for the posts of heads of departments, heads of departments and accountants. For me primary talk, not resumes”.

What can I say? The conversation usually occurs after the summary was “face control”. And too often the conversation is not reached. And there are the words-“killer”, which acarapi and employers are perceived as danger signals. Examples? “Participated in” is about nothing. The presence in the summary of imperfect verbs forms in principle a bad sign: “he did, but not guessed a single letter”. You have to write about the results and solved problems.

Should I mention stress? Also questionable dignity. On the one hand, the ability to hold the load (tension, stress) is akin to computer literacy in current times. That is just the required property. On the other — and was it worth it to tempt the employer to try the applicant “on the weak”?

Interview and introduction

Without interview, as we know, no employment, no cost. Importantly, according to experts, here to withstand the dress code in connection with the position for which the applicant expects. Classic — interview for the post of chief accountant or attorney of a large Corporation come either in sports-denim or summer razletaetsya. The look pleasant, but it is unlikely that the employer’s decision will be in favor of the applicant. Corny? “If I for each case in our company were paid a dollar, I would become a millionaire hryvnia” — sadly joked HR of the largest food corporations with foreign capital.

But this is one side of the coin. The other to correctly answer questions. According to Davidenko, if the applicant, answering the question, why did you decide to change jobs begins to throw mud at a previous employer or mentioned that looking for work at the time, it is exactly with them along the way. “But that’s not all. There are some fundamental questions, the answers to which affect when applying for a job. Crimea is? Russia in the Donbas is? We do not charge those who do not consider Russia an aggressor, and those who believe the Russian Crimea”, — said Davidenko. These questions had to include when applying for work after there were several precedents. So, if employers ask you different questions, you need to think about how to answer them. Otherwise, the dream job will have to search, perhaps not even one month.

“In every tent their own rules” — say this for a reason. In any even the most modest enterprise has its own traditions, values and their “appreciation of beauty”. Therefore, the personnel consultants are passionately recommended in the first few days more to listen and watch, and talk less and show your attitude to anything anyway.

You can rant in the Smoking room about a tyrant of a boss. But it was he who established the business or organizational unit. And if not created, then at least not allow him to fall apart in difficult times. So to understand the “values and mission of the company” — an extremely useful exercise. No matter how people scoff about this in social networks.

Как угробить карьеру креативно. Путеводитель по офисным страшилкам

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To blame the previous job, previous bosses — very bad idea. Any boss, only the first couple of seconds will be to amuse your self-esteem awareness “there are much worse”. After half a minute he will think “so tomorrow he/she will also begin to throw mud at me and my baby”. If the result is not obvious, it is very expected.

Well, definitely not necessary to be overly Frank about “the kitchen” in the same place of work. First, many of the company signed by staff with the appropriate agreements for the disclosure of trade secrets rely painful sanctions. That is, the retribution may overtake and the new place of work, too.

Second, a new employer in exactly the same way as in the case of abuse to continue work, with high probability, will try the situation on myself. And decide that the leak of valuable information it to anything.

Hip-hop, or side-lying

What a potential employer thinks about frequent job changes? And work for five to seven years in one place? Says Bunyak, Lowrisk, frequent job changes, most likely, scare off, like a lot of breaks at work: “is it Not time to look summary: it seems to have some experience a person, start to get a grasp, and he spent two months in the same company worked for two months in another two months — in the third. As soon as I see it, just lay summary to the side. If a person can’t stay at least a year, it makes no sense to invest in it their time.”

Doesn’t help that the person can not decide what to do with my life. If the career goes on a downward or if the person rushes from one extreme to another — was a Director and looking for a job as a photographer or in some seedy Manager, then it will not be much help for employment.

Such instances, according to the HR expert website Tatyana Pashkina, there are among applicants for any position and at any age: “Yes, maybe that person is just trying to find himself. Goes to the goal. But the exceptions, unfortunately, a little bit. Often, these people are “famous in the worst sense of the word. Best of all, when “searching” for 25 over, but many live this life.” However, the chances to get at least for the time they have. However, take them to work, only when you need to cover a staffing hole or a hopeless and irresponsible post. But if these posts are more experienced candidates, with careless employees try to say goodbye as quickly as possible.

Как угробить карьеру креативно. Путеводитель по офисным страшилкам

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Single story — attempts to make an aggressive career. Shift work clearly once or twice a year? Frankly, this employee is a bad investment for the company. Approximately 4-10 months a new employee only increases efficiency. In this period, the employer invests a lot in employee and yet not too much of it gets. And just after this period, the employee begins to pay the invested resources of the company. Care immediately after “acceleration” is perceived negatively. And it’s definitely a bad impact on the content of those recommendations, which will follow the employee from the previous employer to the next.

But hang many years in one place is to raise the “glass ceiling”. That is, to create the image of a person who:

A) happy with the current state of Affairs and does not aspire to career growth;

B) afraid to lose what you already have.

Of course, this is at least the top posts — so there is something just work on one position for many years, nothing bad does not say. Unless, of course, managed project alive, awake and moving.

Reluctance to take on more responsibility and desire to grow as a professional — not a hindrance. Even in this case, it is possible to make horizontal career — to gain related competencies to apply their knowledge and skills in unfamiliar region. The mass of options.

And, of course, you need to look around. If the company practically has no vertical migration, if formed of so-called “human blood clots” — there have to run. In this company always underpaid and never appreciated.

At the time, fashion coach and business consultant with a difficult to pronounce name and last name loved to praise this technique of personnel management, as dosed depreciation. “You bring enough profit. Too slow. Not actively go sale,” intentionally listed the signs that could easily be numbered in the figures. And which are easy to correlate with reality. It would seem, should not operate on people who know how to count and know their value. But usually such manipulations worked. However, judging by the loss of popularity of the coach, they worked not too long.

Epic feil

Social media is a part of our lives. And work too. So for that publish, it is advisable to watch carefully. And, as advised by the HR experts, before finding a job, it is better to clean the pages in social networks, especially if 70% of the posts relates to entertainment. “After all, every self-respecting HR pre-employment checks of the candidate in social networks. So to clean up their posts before the job search is hyperware,” says Lazebnaya.

In turn Pashkina claims that some posts can do to close employment opportunities: “If there are posts on the topic of extremism or solid entertainment.” To avoid this, it is necessary to clean the friends list, split into groups and when you publish to correctly place the boundaries of confidentiality. Otherwise, continuing to maintain frivolous life in social networks, without a job you can stay for a long time.

There is another pitfall, which can also damage a career in the probation period set by the companies, during which both employer and applicant get accustomed to each other. As we told the adviser to the head of the CP Kiev metro Natalia Makogon, during the trial period, you can draw conclusions about the potential employee. “If the person is not ready to develop, if hung on the same level, if he has no desire to participate in the life of the company, if he is not too active, it does not speak in his favor,” she says. Many candidates until the end of the probationary period did not consider themselves employed, and therefore are pulled straight. And usually have something. And that’s fine.

Как угробить карьеру креативно. Путеводитель по офисным страшилкам

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Abnormal if the applicants for the position after completing the probationary period starts to behave sluggish, lazy and just stop to perform their functions. A dramatic change in motivation — a good reason to get rid of such an employee.

Being an entrepreneur is cool. But to demonstrate their desire for that status is a bad idea. Any sensible HR knows that is prone to entrepreneurship undisciplined singers with whipped priorities. It is excellent for startups or craftsman. But awful for the player who plays a team game.

Fascination with the tools of time management and delegation — threat, despite their usefulness in principle. Their deceit is that there is a risk at some point to break up in the priorities with the supervisor, and the company as a whole. With all the ensuing consequences. The legendary founder of Euroset Evgeny Chichvarkin once the offer to send their employees to training on time management, said: “This is what I have money to give for something that they taught me… to send?!” And he was right: one of the key skills time management — evasion from execution of low priority tasks. And God forbid, middle managers start to compete with the boss for the right to set priorities. Career fraught with disaster.

The imposition of informal relations, the naive attempts of manipulation, inept plot — all this can be linked to a problem called “violation of personal boundaries managers and colleagues.” Whatever warm relationships in the team, but the service boundaries and the chain of command — the alpha and the omega. Attempts to move the head or the willingness to allow colleagues to sit on his neck is the path down to the quarry bottom.

Instead of an epilogue

Analyze, listen, observe and re-analyze. Then to plan. And built enviable careers. A month-by-month. Year after year.