How to survive the stress of the election. The advice of doctors

Как пережить стресс из-за выборов. Советы врачей

After a week in Ukraine will be held second round of presidential elections, the degree of tension in the society reached its climax. Корреспондент.net figured out how to survive elections and not to go crazy.

“Through the election” – a phrase you often hear from the Ukrainians. Election exacerbation is due to increased stress levels, anxiety, aggressive communication, and negative emotions are very harmful to human health.

In this case, not only Ukrainians feel stressed during the election campaign.

More than 50% of Americans called the last presidential election “an important source of stress”.

How to deal with it the Ukrainians?

Advice from Suprun

Acting Minister of health points out that “the air is electric and people are very stressout with the approach of the day of voting.”

Suprun stressed that stress and negative emotions are bad for the health, well-being and overall ruining the quality of life, so to get rid of them.

Therefore, she advises to limit the “consumption” of media.

“Use this time for yourself and family, do what you like and don’t try to watch and know everything that appears on the election in the media. To be updated periodically to read the news or high-quality reviews,” said the official.

She also advises not to develop discussions that can lead to conflict.

“Do not continue discussing the election, if you realize that it can escalate into conflict or aggression. Stress and anxiety because of the election- a fairly common phenomenon, but they are not worth your health. Direct their attention in a more productive direction. You can select the activities, which also applies to elections, but at the same time raise issues that you prefer. For example, you can become the observer and to defend the transparency and legitimacy of the vote,” said Suprun.

She recalled: whatever happens on election day – life goes on.

Advice from a psychiatrist

Ekaterina Chebotareva at No. 7 Magazine Correspondent advises during the elections to remember the three Golden rules.

Protection time. Will have to deal with their own addiction to watching TV, endless updates news and hype in social networks. “Perhaps the most effective and pleasant way to fall in love! Effectively helps consensual sex and fun and hugs with someone nice and pleasant. The change is temporary, so must be repeated regularly. Works well disable all the channels on the TV, except for movies, TV series and cartoons. Yoga and meditation, social dance, sports and fitness, communication with children (in the absence of their fit someone else’s), meetings with friends, great. In short, everything that is fun, takes time and does not allow the hands to reach to smartphones and consoles,” writes Chebotarev.

– Distance protection. The greater the distance the better. In the village, in the wilderness. You should use every opportunity to escape from the election campaign. The best way to travel, any change that takes pictures, walks in the fresh air, exercise, not allowing to combine them with watching the news.
Shielding. The better the insulation, the higher the security. Sense of humor is the highest and most effective defense mechanism and an indirect sign of high intelligence and flexibility of mind. When to do something funny, it ceases to be scary.

The advice of a psychologist

Psychologist Olena Savinova told how not to take to heart the fact that your candidate lost.

1. Do not identify yourself with your own choice, and the more a candidate. The fact that he or she didn’t win doesn’t mean you lost.

2. Take your choice. Nor angry with yourselves, that turned out to be short-sighted. The fact that you are in the minority, does not mean that you have lost. A majority thinks otherwise.

3. Respect your opinion. Then you will respect the choice of others.

4. Don’t try to convince people who have a different point of view. The more aggressive – this will only increase the resistance. Not identificeret them with your opponent. They have the right to their own opinion, even if it is wrong.

5. Failure to take other people’s opinions comes from the desire to control everything. Accept that you will not be able to remake the world in their own way. Like the fact that it is diverse.

6. Do not judge, and carefully observe the surrounding world. Live in the here and now.

7. Look at the situation from the other side – not like you used to, perhaps all will not be as fatal.

8. Live your life and interests.

Nassim Taleb, author of the economic bestseller the Black Swan, said: “Our minds – excellent explanatory machine, which is able to find meaning in almost anything, to interpret every phenomenon, but it is not able to accept the idea of unpredictability”.

To learn to live relying on themselves, on their personality structure, to act upon their values is what will help to live in uncertainty. The certainty of uncertainty — this is our daily choice.