How to visit the game of soccer? To sleep in the toilet

Как можно посетить игру МЮ? Переночевать в туалете

Old Trafford

Two guys slept in the toilet old Trafford to attend Manchester United match against Arsenal.

Toilet at old Trafford after less than a month, has once again become a hot topic in England. If the last time it defeated the fans of man city, this, it just crashed two fans of Manchester United.

The guys decided to visit the Red Devils ‘ match against Arsenal without buying a ticket. The day before the match, the boys went on a tour of the stadium, during which he hid in the bathroom. After waiting, when the guards of the stadium will go, the guys settled down in the toilet and stayed there for the whole night.

Closer to the beginning of the match, they came out of the bathroom and even a little time to enjoy the fight, but later they were found and taken to the police. A little later the fans of freebies were released without charges.

Note that in the DOJ decided to conduct its investigation in this case.

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