How your business will help new girl service

Как вашему бизнесу поможет новый девчачий сервис

Soon in Ukraine there will be a girl online service called “JIX”. The creators assure that the resource will conquer the hearts of Kiev, and then all Ukrainians.

Thus, initially, the services of “JIX” will be used only by the inhabitant of Kiev, but later it will be available throughout the country. What is this service and why it is worth paying attention to owners of small and medium business, told PR-the Director “JIX” Suzanne Kirina

1. What will it be online? And is there any analogues in Ukraine?
We are not yet ready to reveal all the cards, but with confidence I can say that the resource will conquer the hearts of girls. In fact, the “JIX” will be a pocket assistant for every. It will allow you to solve any girly problems and fulfill their dreams. No analogues in Ukraine, except that there are resources with a similar concept. But they are not designed specifically for girls and, unfortunately, often offer poor services, provide false information, and their websites are inconvenient.

2. And why did you decide to make a service just for girls?
It seems to us that in today’s world audience to share. This is how women’s and men’s magazines – very few people will read the newspaper, intended for the opposite sex. Most girls were not interested, how to mount a float on the line or what new rule in football approved by FIFA. We want to create a space that will combine the beautiful half of humanity. The space where we will discuss how to lose weight, do curls or silky to create the perfect image for a date. Everything is only and especially for girls – starting from the design of the website, ending with the offers and gifts that will delight all little girls!

3. What girls will find in the resource?
“JIX” is a lifesaver. A collection of ideas and solutions at all occasions. Us girls will always know how to spend the weekend in some resorts, you can relax and where in the city serves the most delicious coffee. But most importantly – to “JIX” will be exclusively available proposals that afford every. Us girls will be able to afford more!

4. I heard the service there will be a lot of interesting pieces. Tell us about the main.
The main feature – the gifts that we will regularly play. It will be the certificates in branded stores. Our winners will be able to delight yourself with makeup, perfume and new clothes in the wardrobe. Drawings will be held openly, and the certificates be mailed in a lovely branded envelopes. Another feature of “JIX” – offers within your radius. Just imagine: it’s Friday night, and your favorite cafe, all the tables are occupied. Where to go? You can, of course, the old fashioned way to open Foursquare and select the location, read reviews, check prices, and find a school at the other end of the city. And you can go to “JIX”, to indicate where you are and get a list of all the tempting (and at the same time available!) proposals in this area! By the way, the chip applies not only to restaurants, but also any other services – manicure, gym, entertainment… It’s incredibly convenient!

5. Girls clear. And how JIX will help business owners?
If briefly – “JIX” bring in new customers, or rather clients. Become a partner of “JIX” is to get multiple bonuses. First, the free advertising of your services. No longer need to understand targeting, to merge the budget for Instagram and get upset that there is no result. We’re all taking! Secondly, the simple mechanics of interaction. Apply for partnership, get a link to register on the website and form a proposal. And finally to begin to cooperate with the “JIX”, you don’t need attachments! This is a great chance for any small and medium business, but especially for those who provide services for girls. No matter what you have to offer – manicure master-classes on needlework, SPA treatments or a photo shoot – we are waiting for you on the affiliate landing page! And yet we are in social networks: subscribe to not miss news and attractive offers

Author Karina France