Hroisman intends to stop “nut mafia” by entering a 4-hour test at customs

Гройсман намерен пресечь "ореховую мафию", введя 4-часовую проверку на таможне

Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Hroisman intends to stop “nut mafia” by entering a 4-hour test of customs. He said this during the Cabinet meeting, which was broadcast channel “112 Ukraine”.

“Today we will take a decision, which completely put an end to the so-called “nut mafia” when a business that operates on how to grow and harvest the nuts and other products, in order to export them. Not all law enforcement agencies, but some, by using SFS, the SBU put such cars in the sediment for 2-3 weeks in order to do there are some checks and thus demanded a bribe. The decision that today we will take: we will continue to regulate such a test for four hours. Four hours checked, if you did not, then goodbye. Acquiescence, transportation have to go custom and to put an end,” – said Groisman.

We will note, in January the head of the Odessa regional state administration of Mikheil Saakashvili during the anti-corruption forum in Kharkov told about the activities of the so-called nut mafia.

“What is a “nut mafia”? Every year people buy nuts from entrepreneurs, private producers who sell. In our system, it is impossible to purely draw up the documents. So made that neither the grandmother who grows nuts, these will not be able to properly arrange the documents. And export licenses are not grandmothers, they have companies that come to the grandmothers. The documents at issue cannot, and they buy from grandmothers in cash these nuts. Then these nuts are trafficked abroad”, – told Saakashvili.

According to Saakashvili, the customs service operates a corrupt scheme for the export of Ukrainian nuts.

“Every year was created by a group of deputies, Sbushnikov, prosecutors, and said, I want to get the container of nuts? Each container 20 thousand dollars, 15 thousand dollars, 12 thousand dollars, depending on the crop, if he cleared, and in his pocket. And the state zero. And every year, all fought who would sit on this topic. We now took control of the customs, release the nuts honestly, let them pay to the budget”, – he said.

The Prosecutor’s office of Kyiv region expressed gratitude to the Chairman of the Odessa regional state administration, Saakashvili for the information provided concerning the high-ranking corrupt customs in Kiev, which, according to preliminary information, receive profits for the manipulation of the cost of customs clearance of goods at various customs offices of Ukraine, including on the functioning of the so nazyvaemogo mafia.