Hrytsak said about Poroshenko’s visit to SBU coffee

Грицак рассказал о визите Порошенко в СБУ на кофе

The President scolded the head of the SBU for poor performance of the guard.

The head of the security Service of Ukraine Vasily Gritsak has told about the visit of the President of Petro Poroshenko, the SBU on the night of 22 Dec.

“First, we have a very delicious coffee. On the other hand, why can’t the President call the SBU Arrived unexpectedly, looked at how the Service performs security checked guards … I did not know about it (about the visit). By the way our guards in this situation is not the best way worked for me, the President criticized”, – said Hrytsak the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

He added that “there is an urgent need to communicate, and the President passed the SBU, that stopped”.

As you know, on the night of December 22, the motorcade of the President of Ukraine noticed at the gate of the building of the security Service of Ukraine on the street, Vladimir in Kiev.

Also there was seen the machine, which is used by MP from the faction BPP and business partner of the President Igor Kononenko.

Poroshenko’s party was celebrated by the corporate media