Hubble captures “space lights” of the stars

Hubble запечатлел "космическую гирлянду" из звезд

Hubble showed the cluster of stars in the middle of the “milky way”

This picture shows a cluster of stars located in the center of the milky way.

NASA published a picture of a cluster of stars at the center of the milky Way, taken by the Hubble telescope. Many of the stars have already become old, and formed many young stars in the foreground, writes Ibtimes.

Researchers at the University of Michigan under the guidance of will Clarkson investigated the area located in the center of the galaxy.

“This is a dynamic environment with stars of different ages, which rotate at different speeds, like travellers who are scurrying around in a crowded airport,” the researchers note.

The researchers in the course of prolonged operation, which lasted for nine years, came to the conclusion that the movements of stars are directly related to their chemical composition. Also, experts have found that young stars are moving faster than the old ones.

Earlier Корреспондент.net reported that the space telescope Hubble took a black hole that does not fit the laws of physics.