Hubble took a rare phenomenon of self-destruction of the asteroid

Hubble снял редкое явление саморазрушения астероида

Two tails of asteroid testify to his collapse

Astronomers were able to observe the protracted process of disintegration of the asteroid over only once a year.

A team of astronomers using the Hubble space telescope took a rare phenomenon of protracted disintegration of the asteroid, which is also known as the YORP effect. This was reported on the Agency’s website.

According to new data from the Hubble space telescope and other observatories, a small asteroid was spotted in the process of rotating so fast that it was the emission substance.

A characteristic feature of the YORP-effect is the acceleration of the rotation of an object of irregular shape under sunlight.

Images from the telescope show two narrow, like a comet dusty tail of debris left by the asteroid. Each tail is a lose asteroid matter to serve as a confirmation of the fact that the body begins to disintegrate.

Galt (the name of asteroid) is 214 million miles (344 million miles) from the Sun.

Earlier it was reported that NASA scientists have noticed the star that is hurtling through the Universe with great speed.

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