Hubble took a strange nebula in the constellation Taurus

Hubble снял странную туманность в созвездии Тельца

Bright nebula in the constellation Taurus

It’s unusual brightness of their stars, which constantly enhance the glow. The gas continuously changes position and colour.

Hubble space telescope has captured an unusual nebula in the constellation Taurus, IRAS 05437 + 2502. It differs from all the other clusters brightness of stars, constantly amplifying the glow. This writes the

According to experts, a large part of the nebula is lit by gas, which is constantly changing color and position. These movements are regularly recorded by the telescope.

From a distance, the nebula looks like a poorly visible entity, located close to the center of the milky Way. But in fact it is located a considerable distance from our galaxy, and the approach looks very bright.

“A little-known nebula IRAS 05437 + 2502 stands out among the bright stars and dark dust clouds that surround it in this striking image from the Hubble,” – noted the representatives of the space Agency.

Hubble снял странную туманность в созвездии Тельца


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