Hubble took the birth of a giant storm on Neptune

Hubble снял рождение гигантского шторма на Нептуне

Hubble has captured a Large black spot

The storm on the planet was formed around a region of low pressure. Scientists call it the Big black spot.

Space telescope Hubble took a Large black spot on Neptune is a giant storm that has formed around a region of low pressure. The storm in the form of spots which can appear on photos of a small, stretches for 13 thousand kilometers in length. This is stated on the website NASA.

It is known that scientists have found the first two storms on Neptune in 1989, via satellite Voyager 2.

Later Hubble was able to open four more. But only now, astronomers were able to capture and study a large storm.

Storm increases gradually. Last year he was a remarkable cameras telescope. The study of such “spots” gives an understanding of how there are icy planets like Neptune.

Earlier it was reported that the telescope Hubblе removed in space the so-called “Einstein cross”.

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