Hungarian Ambassador summoned to foreign Ministry of Ukraine

Посла Венгрии вызвали в МИД Украины

The Hungarian Ambassador was summoned “on the carpet” in the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine

The Hungarian diplomat pointed to the need for actions that negatively affect the development of bilateral relations, said the foreign Ministry.

Ambassador of Hungary to Ukraine Stephen Idart was summoned to the Ministry of foreign Affairs due to the statements of Prime Minister Viktor Orban about the lack of dialogue with the Ukrainian authorities. On Friday, November 16, the press service of the foreign Ministry.

The Hungarian diplomat was suggested that actions which negatively affect the development of bilateral relations.

“16 November 2018, the Ukrainian foreign Ministry was invited by the newly appointed Ambassador of Hungary in Ukraine Istvan Idart, which was expressed a strong protest in connection with the recent statements of the Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban and Deputy Prime Minister on issues of national policy by J. Semien on Ukraine”, – stated in the message.

Earlier, Viktor Orban said that the agreement with the current political leadership of Ukraine to Hungary is not possible. In addition, the Prime Minister pointed out that Ukraine – a country, “having no foreseeable prospects of joining NATO or the EU”.


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