Hungarians want to share the self-Determination of Transcarpathia

Венгры хотят акцию Самоопределение для Закарпатья

In Hungary, reported about the protest planned for October 13

The Ukrainian foreign Ministry has sent a note of protest.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine sent a protest note to the Hungarian foreign Ministry with a demand to ban planned for October 13 in Budapest, a rally under the slogan of self-Determination for Transcarpathia. This was announced by the foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin.

“The Hungarian foreign Ministry informed our Embassy about the campaign 13.10 under the slogan of self-Determination for Transcarpathia. Is that Budapest supports separatism? Immediately sent a note of protest to ban this provocation!”, – wrote Klimkin in his microblog on Twitter.

He also expressed the opinion that in the future Hungary will respect the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

1/2 Ugors. FHI podomys our Embassy about action 13.10 pid Haslam “Samobytnost for Zakarpattya”. TSE scho,Budapest Patria separatism?

— Pavlo Klimkin (@PavloKlimkin) 11 Oct 2017

2/2Негайно sent a note of protest s wymogow zaboraviti Qiu provocation!Itinen,Porsena th Nadal powertime teritoralna Clint Ukraine

— Pavlo Klimkin (@PavloKlimkin) 11 Oct 2017

As reported Корреспондент.neton 5 September the Verkhovna Rada adopted the law, which begins the education reform in Ukraine. This document, in particular, specifies that the language of the educational process in educational institutions is the only state language. The languages of national minorities, including Russian, will be studied only till the fifth grade, but in 2020 this rule will not be education in Ukraine will be Ukrainian as a whole.

After the adoption of the law on education, the strained relations of Ukraine with neighbouring countries, primarily Romania and Hungary.

So, Minister of foreign Affairs of Hungary Peter Siyyarto appealed to the UN high Commissioner for human rights to conduct an investigation because of the Ukrainian law on education. He also denied a meeting with Pavlo Klimkin.

Hungary will seek a review of the Association Ukraine-EU