Hungary disrupted the meeting of the Commission Ukraine-NATO

Венгрия сорвала заседание комиссии Украина-НАТО

Szijjártó promises to block Ukraine’s integration

Hungary blocked the meeting of the Commission to veto.

A meeting of the Commission Ukraine-NATO, which was held in December, was blocked from Hungary. This was stated by Minister of foreign Affairs of Hungary Peter Siyyarto, reports Ukrainian news.

“Hungary cannot support integration aspirations of Ukraine, so she vetoed the convening of the Commission NATO – Ukraine in December,” said Szijjártó.

He could not accept a situation when the Ukrainian education act infringes on the rights of national minorities.

In addition, Szijjártó stated that he is concerned about the intention of the Verkhovna Rada to consider draft laws on language and citizenship, which can “threaten the Transcarpathian Hungarian community.”

The Minister noted that there is no possibility to circumvent the Hungarian veto, since the convening of the Commission on “NATO – Ukraine” requires a unanimous vote.

As reported Корреспондент.netthat relations between Ukraine and Hungary escalated after the entry into force of the law On education, which would increase the role of the Ukrainian language.

In the Hungarian foreign Ministry said that they will block the integration processes between Ukraine and the EU.

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