Hungary is no longer issuing passports to Ukrainians – foreign Ministry

Венгрия больше не выдает паспорта украинцам - МИД

Pavlo Klimkin spoke about the results of negotiations with Minister of foreign Affairs of Hungary

In the Hungarian consulates in Ukraine ceased to grant citizenship to local residents.

Consulate of Hungary in Ukraine stopped issuing Hungarian passports to citizens of Ukraine on the territory of its consulates in Transcarpathia and Kiev. On Thursday, December 6, said the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin, reports European truth.

He also noted that Hungary will not restore this practice. Klimkin reported about it in Milan after a meeting of foreign Ministers, responding to a question on the outcome of negotiations with the Hungarian side.

As you know, last week Kyiv hosted the Ukrainian-Hungarian consular consultations, and on December 6 in Milan was held a meeting of foreign Ministers. Klimkin confirmed that during these meetings Hungary officially agreed to end the practice of the previous passport.

“The Hungarians say they do not issue passports now. And they will not do that. That’s good, because I remember statements Siarto, when he said that the issuance of passports in our territory is not contrary to Ukrainian law. Now it is, by definition, is over,” he said.

Klimkin acknowledged that the Hungarian law on simplified citizenship for foreign Hungarians is saved and the procedure can last beyond Ukraine.

“I, unfortunately, cannot guarantee that they will not try to continue the issuance of passports to the Hungarians of Transcarpathia in Hungary – the Hungarian territory we are able to control. But for us the question of absolute principle – that in their consulates in our territory they can’t do that,” said the Minister.

He also said that Ukraine has offered Hungary to sign agreement on avoidance of dual citizenship, but have not received an answer of Budapest on its proposal.

We will remind, several days earlier, Klimkin said that Kiev and Budapest establish relations.

We will remind, the conflict between Budapest and Kiev erupted after the adoption of the law of Ukraine On education, which defines the Ukrainian language as your primary language in the educational process.

In September the situation worsened after media reported the video, which the citizens of Ukraine in the Hungarian Consulate in Beregovo get a Hungarian passport. At the same time in exchange for an oath of loyalty to Hungary were encouraged to hide this fact from the Ukrainian authorities. The reaction of Kiev to the incident was the announcement of the Hungarian Consul persona non grata. Later a similar decision on the expulsion of the Ukrainian Consul took Budapest.

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