Hungary issued in Transcarpathia more than 100 thousand passports – Ministry of foreign Affairs

Венгрия выдала в Закарпатье более 100 тысяч паспортов - МИД

About forty thousand of Ukrainians of Hungarian origin left the Hungarian EU passport. The foreign Ministry said that Ukraine and Hungary lost these people.

Hungary gave the inhabitants of Transcarpathia more than 100 thousand Hungarian passports. On Saturday, April 21, Deputy foreign Minister Vasily Bodnar in an interview with Radio Liberty.

“According to various reports, including Hungarian, Hungarian passports more than 100 thousand issued,” said Bodnar.

He stressed that passports were issued mainly to the receipt by Ukraine of a visa-free regime and the attractiveness of this passport was practical.

“You can easily cross the border to get a job in Hungary or further”, – said Bodnar.

He is convinced that a lot of people with Hungarian passports left for work in other EU countries.

“According to various estimates, from 30 to 40 thousand able-bodied Ukrainian citizens of Hungarian origin left in other European countries. In fact, Hungary, and Ukraine lost it… Went to where the big salaries. Now, wages in the Slovak Republic, in particular areas, or in Austria or in Germany is much higher than in Hungary,” he added.

Earlier, the Ambassador of Hungary said that the issuance of passports to Ukrainian Hungarians considered the norm.

The Ambassador also said that the international aspirations of Ukraine will be blocked by Hungary until, until you change the education act.


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