Hungary wants to create an enclave in the Carpathian region – foreign Ministry

Венгрия хочет создать анклав на Закарпатье - МИД

The Ambassador of Hungary in Ukraine Istvan Idart and Yegor Bozhok

Hungarian irredentism also face Serbia, Slovakia and Romania, said the Ukrainian diplomat.

The Hungarian authorities aim to create a Hungarian enclave on the territory of Ukraine. In an interview with Voice of America said the acting head of the Ukrainian foreign Minister Yegor Bozhok.

“Complications in the Ukrainian-Hungarian relations do not come from Ukraine. The main problem is the so-called Hungarian irredentism (the reunification of the territory – ed.) who was blinded to the Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban and his associates,” said God.

The diplomat noted that Hungary has already achieved in Serbia. This also face Slovakia and Romania, said the God.

According to him, in recent years, this poses a problem not only for Ukraine but also for a number of countries-EU members.

“The key difference between Kiev and Budapest is now what we call those who live in the Transcarpathian region of Ukrainian citizens of Hungarian origin, and considers them to Budapest by the Hungarians who live in Transcarpathia. And here I emphasize – Transcarpathia, not even the Transcarpathian region of Ukraine”, – said the diplomat.

Worsening between Ukraine and Hungary has occurred this week, when the Carpathians came the Hungarian foreign Minister Peter.

Later Siarto stated that he does not understand why Ukraine is so reacts negatively to the visits of Hungarian officials in Transcarpathia on the eve of early elections to the Verkhovna Rada.

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