Hunting “unicorn of the sea” managed to capture on video

Охоту "морского единорога" удалось снять на видео

Biologists have solved the purpose of a narwhal’s horn.

Scientists captured on video hunting one of the most studied animals on Earth – whales, reports the Telegraph.

Rare footage of cetaceans took the staff of the world wildlife Fund off the coast of the canadian territory of Nunavut.

During observation of the animals, which is also called the “sea unicorn”, the researchers were able to determine the purpose of the Tusk.

As it turned out, the narwhal uses it as a “bludgeon” to stun prey.

“Before, we thought that the horn of the narwhal need for “dueling” with rivals, to interact with other people, or for orientation in space. But the footage shows us a previously unseen pattern of behavior”, – said Rod Downey, the head of the Department of polar research of WWF.

He noted that narwhals are among the most mysterious creatures on Earth.

“There is nothing surprising in the fact that they have attained almost mystical status and is often referred to as “sea unicorns,” Downey told reporters.

In 2015, scientists for the first time in history were able to photograph and observe the behavior of the rarest whales – whale Omura, known only to the bones of the skull and the DNA fragments.

In August of the same year, off the coast of the Australian state of Queensland have been seen by a rare humpback whale-albino.

Narwhals are found exclusively in the Arctic. The main habitat is the North Atlantic and the Arctic ocean.