Hurricane in Transcarpathia: the loss of tens of millions

Ураган в Закарпатье: убытки на десятки миллионов

The storm damaged the roof on 279 private homes.

A hurricane that September 16-17 swept in the Transcarpathian region, caused damage of UAH 76 mln forestry region. As reported in a press-service of the head of the Transcarpathian regional state administration Gennady Moskal, the Trees in Tyachiv and Rakhiv districts fallen on the area of 1048 hectares.

“Such damages as natural disasters, forests can not cause any theft of wood or illegal logging. In addition, forestry is affected and the Carpathian biosphere reserve, where fallen trees on an area of 120 hectares. The amount of the loss is counted here,” said Moskal.

As a result of hurricane damaged roofs on private homes, 279, 175 outbuildings, 14 schools, six kindergartens, damaged power lines in 13 sections.

Earlier in the Zhytomyr region due to abnormal hail declared a state of emergency.

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