Hurricane in Ukraine: the number of victims increased

Ураган в Украине: число пострадавших увеличилось

Due to the bad weather two dead and four in hospitals

The storm killed at least two people, four were taken to hospitals, two of them children.

Bad weather on Monday, March 11, claimed the lives of at least two people, four were in the hospital. About it reported in Public service on emergency situations as of Tuesday morning, March 12.

So, in Nikolaev as a result of falling of the tree on a minibus injured two children (2010 and 2015 G. R.) who were hospitalized.

In Korostyshiv, Zhytomyr region as a result of falling of the roof with the shopping center Cocktail, one person died and one person was hospitalized.

In Khmelnik Vinnytsia region as a result of falling tree killed one person.

In Odessa in the fall of the tree 1одинчеловек hospitalized.

In addition, as a result of wind gusts in 15 regions, particularly in Kyiv, remain damaged roof 270 buildings (damaged 310, recovered 40). During the day, the divisions of gschs removed more than 160 fallen trees.

As reported, on Monday, 11 March, Ukraine was hit by hurricane with strong wind. Abnormally strong gusts have become the cause of a number of dangerous incidents in the country. In particular, in the city of Yuzhnoukrainsk of the Nikolaev area the strong wind blew the tower of mobile communication and luck, a strong wind knocked down a construction crane.


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