HydroFLOW. Formula of living water

HydroFLOW. Формула живой воды

Using an innovative method based on electromagnetic effects on molecules of the substance, certified HydroFLOW devices for 25 years in a row make an ordinary miracle – eco-friendly and safely purify water from bacteria and protect home appliances from scale

“Water is the greatest wealth in the world. It is life itself!” – in the truth of this aphorism by Antoine de Saint-Exupery every day convinced millions of people in Ukraine. After all, according to “National plan of actions on hygiene of environment”, each year up to 10% of the investigated water samples from water supply networks in our country do not meet hygienic standards on organoleptic properties, total mineralization and chemical content, but almost every eighth sample of drinking water from rural water pipelines and each third from the sources of decentralized water does not meet the requirements for bacteriological indicators. And, therefore, drinking water in Ukraine is a risk factor for its citizens! Yes, and not only for them, because the problem of quality water treatment and purification – is not only a health issue but also ecology and economy. Its painful for Ukrainian society is evidenced by the fact that the choice of technology and reagent for the purification of drinking water in the capital, became the subject of fierce debate. Meanwhile, until we have broken lances, for decades the leading international companies in the world operating in the food industry, medicine, retail and even in space exploration, use devices HydroFlow, has proved its high profitability and safety. Thanks to the HydroFlow Ukraine the opportunity to evaluate the exclusive features of special models of the famous brand, designed for use in private homes and apartments, there are millions of Ukrainians.

To find and neutralize

Based on patented technology HydroFlow – work of electromagnetic impulses with variable frequency, generated by the generator of high frequency oscillations.

HydroFLOW. Формула живой воды



It creates in the tube a secondary field with “standing wave resonance”, not allowing the salt water to Deposit on the pipes and walls of water-heating and heating devices. Suspended microcrystals is taken by the water from the system, gradually removing old lime deposits. Thus, without changing the chemical composition of water is softener water, which not only saves costs on the use of special chemicals, replacement cartridges and prolongs the life of boilers and boilers, washing machines and dishwashers, but also significantly improves the efficiency of their work. Now that the electricity is expended not on the heat scale, but only the water. It is estimated that with the installation of the device cost is reduced by 38% on heating and 75% on the treatment, and the costs of maintenance (cleaning and repair) is reduced three times. Battle hard water with HydroFlow wins quickly, cheaply and with glitter. Glitter pipes, sinks and showers forever free from limescale.

The simplest connection

Depending on the size of the living space and consumption of water you can select three models from domestic HydroFlow HS38 for apartments and houses for S38 to K40 for swimming pools, Jacuzzis and baths. The installation of any device for pipes with external diameter up to 32 mm to 38 mm and 63 mm respectively takes just a few minutes – just tighten one screw on the clamp and enable the device in the network.

HydroFLOW. Формула живой воды



While the British manufacturer vouches for trouble-free operation for 36 years, so this device for electro-magnetic water treatment – the best investment in the future. Pure soft water, HydroFlow fully purified from microorganisms, will become a strategic reserve of your family, guaranteeing her health and longevity!

Natalia Kiryanova