I belong to “Gromadska” as to the child who is crazy

Я отношусь к "Громадському" как к ребенку, который сбрендил

Vlashchenko: Today our guest is journalist, head of the project SKRIPIN.UA” Roman Skrypin.

Hello, Roman. We met three years ago, before the presentation of “Gromadska”. Public television emerged in the world, as the TV, which expresses the interests of citizens. But when it emerged, there was no Internet, no social networking. For us it was not a belated idea, in principle?

Skrypin: on the Contrary, the idea of tomorrow. If all was well – it is doomed to progress, success, and in some forms, not in Kiev, however, on the 13th floor, on the street, but it will manifest itself. Like a virus that is planted in the country, actually. Don’t take it, as the TV is not TV it was originally. Now of Gromadsky TB”, make the usual channel, which is a big mistake, from a business point of view, and from the point of view of communications too. Everything was very timely – the idea of pulling people start.

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– After the opening of “Gromadsky” Maidan happened. Worked you guys stream. But, when it was over, it turned out that this new challenges. We need to change the aspect, to do new programs. A few days ago I went online and saw that there were 140 spectators.

– Today was 90. And the people working on the project 145. There is already less viewers than the people who work on the project.

– Why not looking at least a few thousand?

– So there is nothing to watch. In every project has a spirit, soul, and ideological mover. The project was perceived by the majority as a kind of family. Later the people who pressed it, Natasha Gumenyuk, said: “We are no longer family.” No family relationship has already been commercialism. People now the question is: how much will I earn, not how much a person looks. Informality disappears, there is some kind of formality. There was no make – up artist- now there’s a makeup artist. Make-up artist will not save the situation. Most importantly, you give the viewer. You can do on the knee. My experience ether from Odessa have shown – are you doing in appalling conditions, from the point of view of television, while the viewer is watching. Ie there is setremoveall to information, and to personalities. Since, starting any project you should think about individuals who appear in the frame, which carry some meanings. To put the text to read you a monkey from the zoo.

Often the program “Gromadska” criticized the fact that the leading was not prepared for the programs. Was it? Was there a order?

– Order was not. Prepared not all. When you’re making it up for you it’s native, you don’t think that there are those for whom it is important not the project itself, and the money. After all, “Gromadska” crazy capitalized, were received large money grants. People gave money. I used to work for classic TV and I had a salary of 5 thousand euros. Then on “Gromadska” I earned a penny. But I thought about it, I saw it as a chance to go further, to realize themselves. But when the project is capitalized and technically, it’s appealing to those people who decided to assign. This project was originally conceived as such, which would have changed the media space – it deformed just blow up.

– Using what tools? After independence every day.

– I’m talking about the Maidan never thought. I knew he would, but didn’t know it was so fast. Again was the same situation as with the “5th channel”, when a monopoly on the truth all lost. Now the situation repeats itself again lying this the truth, nobody needs again with stakeholders. I can only assume that “<url>” have control of at least three players interested in control. This is, most likely, Poroshenko and Akhmetov, Lyovochkin. It’s three people who may even be in collusion, and to obtain, or destroy. Raiding doing, to destroy, and not to make money. This is all done behind the scenes. After all, all this “Colotech, SanEpid” lasted more than one month. I just kept silent since may, when Gumenyuk, allegedly, chose the head because it is de jure elected, because until November I signed all the documents of the organization, without placing them in the public space all these difficult moments.

– What was the conflict?

– The conflict was not. It was the desire of people: a) to take from me; b) to take under his control. This went on for some period, and in fact, when it was not necessary to be silent – I was silent. And I had to say about many things. The first bell was Yaniv – who are you jerks that put on the mantle of the Inquisition? And now all the terrible things happen – people who, allegedly, have to say about the standards: Gumenyuk, Saychuk, Stanko – assholes. About what they the standards say? They do not adhere to them themselves, they have views left. They tell me about collaboration with the “DNR”, “LNR”, about reconciliation. It’s all bullshit. ‘ve been waiting for ears Akhmetov. When we are talking about some interest, I can only guess that the current management is associated with Lyovochkin, and even some influence Poroshenko.

Management in the face of whom?

– There is a Chapter, is Executive Director.

– 145 – this is a great channel, and a lot of money. Here already without the help of oligarchs not do. It is clear that someone out there gives a large monthly amount.

– I do not understand. I can’t say. I – reputation suffered. When you say: “You rogue, you thief”, and you have to wash this, those not being. I again was silent. Because, well, small children indulge. I have once since Peter had a conversation on “channel 5”, and he said, “Well, if dytyna Tobi in the eye with your finger to Potrait, T. scho – VB s?”. I’ll treat this like a child of his – well, kill him? And this child is already taking a cold weapon, the gun that this child no longer plays, it is absolutely crazy, crazy. It wants to destroy you. They go, and, in the end, has registered criminal proceedings. But the reason is not de facto.

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– What your ex-colleagues you charged with?

– Fraud and theft. There are formal and informal side. If money is accumulated, using my personal and personal capabilities, I have always said: “Yes, the money is”. The main question is not where the money is, and how to bring them to Ukraine. So no one discussed. Never. Once it was with the prosecution, immediately the labels, serious statement. After that, of course, no friendly dialogue about the means, accumulated, can not be. Can only be the dialogue with the lawyers, under the Protocol. Moreover, this Protocol was proposed in January, which Gumenyuk did not want to sign. Until April 1, this question was already possible to solve and close.

– The channel has never been special order. Stanko wanted to go to Lugansk – she went.

– It all helped. To Malomuzh and even went Shufrych called. Husband Stanko I terminated the phone: “run for Cindy”. And her daughter went there without special permission, and told her where not to go – she’s there and gone. Why? She went there, allegedly, with the operator Ilya Beskorovainy. There did Elijah and why Elijah then had his jaw broken Bogdan Kutepova? It was all interesting, but it doesn’t bear out. But Janevski publicly could archivistici. There is a concept of decency, when something is not made public. This trait has been crossed.

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– The statements, money has always been conditional on the channel. Each other trusted, and why it suddenly ceased to take place?

– The fraud would have taken place if it was done secretly, and nobody knew. All knew about it from day one. Actually I suffer today not so much reputation, because I lost everything, if from the point of view of common man to speak. I would like to do business projects. But in order to do business projects, it is necessary to close the old case. Old case closed elementary – through negotiations, in which no one on the other side is not.

– Were you stress what happened?

– Yes, a serious moral blow.

– What did you conclude for yourself?

– Yes. What you must do your own personal, and never to play with people in a good relationship. To take personal responsibility. Therefore, the project and called by name, and trademark registered, and the domain name, and now it will be done, as one of the directions, as there are many different. The Internet gives plenty of opportunities to do any project, what you want, under any name, and how you want.

– What would you have and why you come to the readers?

– Now the main provider of information is the Internet. The website makes no sense – there’s YouTube, there’s Twitter, there’s Facebook are the main channels of communication. You have to understand the audience that wants to receive the content. And this is an audience that wants to communicate. For me this is a very simple feature.

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– All impossible to do.

– Of course, it is impossible. The audience is very rigidly segmented.

– How do you see their?

– Well, not 55+. They are already sitting near the TV. They simply do nothing and plus the lack of knowledge about modern technology. Obviously, these are my peers with whom I speak the same language, when you can afford to meet informally, to joke, to talk seriously. This is an audience of 30 – people who make decisions, think, want to do their business, and may even want to leave this country.

– What are you going to do? What will you build your platform?

– I am not prepared to say. Today, in the Ukrainian reality, profit is almost impossible to prescribe. You know the media market, and know that in order to make media in the network – you only need desire and a minimal investment.

– I wait, when will come new media, who speak with people in normal, human language.

– I love to make trouble in the air. New Inquisition, which took this lovely brand, told me that you can’t do that. But when they do according to their standards – they get 90 viewers on the air. Moreover, there is another caveat – this is a chronic liars. People who lie left and right. In the situation that has developed with Odessa and Zaporozhye is a lie. Everything they said about me is a lie. The current head – Nataliya Gumenyuk – she is a very cowardly person. She never goes on direct contact and do not have the habit to answer even the official letters. If you ask desire this project to be destroyed – although, in this form, as it existed, it can not exist. It can save only the regional “Public”, who live their lives, and who have a conscience all right, and brains on the spot.

“But in order to do even in the Internet draft that from 5 to 10 minimum.

– It’s true. In order to start, you need a month at least from 5 to 10, in dollars, and for equipment a minimum, you need 20.

– This will be your money or someone else’s?

– I have no money. And the money that accumulated for this project, of course, they spent can not be. For moral reasons. But there are people who are willing to invest their own money. It is very much is on friendly terms.

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– I still believe in the “Gromadska” you were wrong with the finger gesture. Do you think that a lot, or something changes with time?

– What do you think, as an adult, you need to do. This debate about limbs – I believe this was couched on the brink, and this is nothing serious.

Я отношусь к "Громадському" как к ребенку, который сбрендил

Skrypin gesture was addressed to the ex-the Deputy from PR Vladimir Oliynyk in 2014 during a discussion with him in the air “Gromadska” laws “January 16”

– Your question?

– What would you do in my place?

– I in your place was a thousand times in my life. I’ve always been one. Always do what I want, what I think is right, and never hid what I was doing. It is now time individuals. I think the new stage will begin in the Ukrainian media with people who do not run in the herd.

Thank you very much.