I called the agent of Ronaldo, but then came Juventus and raised the stakes – the President of Napoli

Мне звонил агент Роналду, но потом пришел Ювентус и поднял ставки – президент Наполи

Aurelio De Laurentiis

Napoli President explained why Juventus signed Cristiano Ronaldo.

Napoli President Aurelio De Laurentiis explained why the club decided not to join Juventus in the fight for Cristiano Ronaldo, also explained why the 33-year-old Portuguese to Juventus.

“The acquisition of Cristiano Ronaldo Juventus – a banal PR-action. After seven League titles and regular failures in Europe, the enthusiasm of the fans fades away, it all has become boring. But it is equally important that sponsors also begin to lose interest in them. In order to shake things up, Juventus needed a strong publicity stunt, and they decided to crank it up with Ronaldo.

I can say that Ronaldo’s agent Jorge Mendes, after became aware of the fact that real Madrid will not deter the Portuguese first called me, promising that this transition will make me rich. We even discussed the possible distribution of profits, but Juventus apparently Ronaldo was as necessary as air, and they promised him a salary, which no sane person to pay would not.

But there is a big difference between respect and winning the championship or the Champions League. Ronaldo is a danger to the club for many years. So much for one player at the end of the career and pay a salary that is higher than the rest. Understand that commercial or sporting success can bring to the top. But if you’re paying absurd money, sooner or later it would come back and punish you” – quoted by De Laurentiis Football Italia edition, referring to La Verita.

Recall that Ronaldo has signed a four year contract with Juventus, where he will receive 30 million euros per season.

Earlier it was reported that tickets for the Juventus stadium has risen due to the transition of Ronaldo.

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