I don’t share the humor of male and female

Я не делю юмор на женский и мужской

The writer Marianna Goncharova in the Studio “112 Ukraine”

Vlashchenko: Today our guest is a writer, translator, a brilliant performer of his own stories Marianna Goncharova.

Hello. As far as the lyrical hero is different from a living person?

Goncharova: I think that I’m not a real writer, so, practically, my lyrical heroine of my second reflection. It’s almost the same thing – it’s part of me, because I can’t always be easy, open and sociable. I guess I’m a hidden introvert. But when I need to show character – I’m a pretty tough person.

– What is your new novel, “Be on my side”?

Is a novel journey, but it’s actually a journey into the “rabbit hole”. In the novel the main character – a small American town and the people who live there. But all the characters in this town are what I see them, sometimes the kind of people I’d like to see them. They are good, as if out of time live. I.e. they could live in America, and we, and somewhere else. I write spontaneously, and technical work, I was very annoying.

– You were in America a year?

I have taught in the semester. Led workshops on their own books – in the fourth year of an art College, which included 19 in best colleges of America. I was invited to lead the course according to my books – a course in modern comic literature. The last few sessions I could concentrate on the books, which I love. When I invited the children to hold a seminar on Babel – is Babel they read, studied, and worked on it for another year.

It was an interesting experience?

– Students – they are not pretending. If they’re not interested they leave the course. I had to fight. I had to be ready for each lesson, so they in the end gave me a good mark. They are the mark teachers, and on very serious criteria. There’s a huge list of these criteria. The interest which they show to the course – what he means to them. They don’t just do they need it. One of my students was going to work in the state Department. The second is studying Russian language, because she is studying Russian punitive psychiatry. The third chemical is going to Moscow. The fourth actor that was going to take a course in one of the Russian theatres. They learn as animals – they were ready for each lesson. If they were late, then sent me a text, and the answers were sent by e-mail. I arrived in a small town, and I wanted to know everything. I was ready to write the book, and I was there everywhere, only in prison did not have time to get there. And the police I got – I went there to interview, because I sent almost every day column in the local newspaper of the small town in which I live. In America, a lot of strange laws, which struck me. And I asked the chief of police, as they abide by all these laws.He said that the basic law – the Constitution. Near the station stands a stele with a prayer police, which reads something like this: “Lord, help me to be strong in order to protect your family, your city, your country, to be faithful to your partner” etc., and at the end says: “In all this, o Lord, be on my side”. That phrase just captivated me. The chief of this police and his Deputy, a woman, – people that hold this city. Most interesting is that people love them.

– And the difference between a one-storey one-storey America from Ukraine?

– What makes America different from Ukraine. All these differences at the management level. There is, for example, no Department of education, culture, etc. works There are only seven deputies on a voluntary basis, and all the jiggling and wiggling. There’s a lot of art centers, clubs, there are adults and children’s theaters – there’s no end of the new movie. School work is teachers pass tests in order to receive certification.

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– Why you stopped doing theater?

Theatre takes a lot of effort, and we had to choose what to do with theater or literature. The club, based on which I worked, was poor in the first place, and secondly, still in order to go further, I had still something to learn.

– In 2010 you wrote 10 books. You quickly Piszete? From what is it born?

– Much has been written before. I did not write to publish, and writing for yourself. And I guess I write fast. I can roam with it, but can write for an hour or two.

For some writers it’s a job. And there are absolutely spontaneous things.

– Absolutely spontaneously. I therefore say that I am not a writer, but a writer.

– Women’s humor is subjective, from your point of view?

– I don’t share the humor on men and women. Rather, the humor that causes good feelings, and humor. Humor is not always laughing. Sometimes when crying is also a sense of humor or irony. Here played a role in my background – I have relatives in Odessa. My father’s half of my family is Odessa. The first fruits that I filled, was Moldavanka, where my grandfather lived.

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– Why, from your point of view, there are places on earth that have become the focus of the humor? For example, as Odessa.

– Chernivtsi is also very similar to Odessa. We say: “Porto-Franko”, but without the sea. There’s a hell of a mix. I remember in my childhood, half of Chernivtsi was rooting for “Chernomorets”. And the other half were infants and women.

Is you life a happy man. It promotes creativity?

I can’t say that I have such a calm and happy life. There are just things that do not have to share with everyone. I find it easier to transfer serious problems herself, quietly. But, in fact, in order to write, I should be happy, of course. I should be all right. In fact, there are such things when not written at all.

– And how do you deal with your fears?

For example, I flew in a balloon in order to win, because I have acrophobia. But best of all, after all, to help. I’m going to the volunteer center, ask what you need to do. The easiest thing is to call someone who’s worse off, and to say something pleasant. And yet – I was taught this by my editor, V. I. Chait: “If you hear about someone something good- call him, tell him”. I’m doing that.

– How to cementituous your friendship with Adha and why do you need editor?

– My editor is a must. Almost, except for the family, and he was my first reader. Whatever I wrote. The fact that Valery Isaakovich – the author me as a writer. He is the author of the project “Books of Marianna Goncharova”. He edited all my books. We are organically interwoven and at concerts, and at performances.

– You are now published in Russia?

– I ended the relationship with two large publishers, and in 2014, my name was in the list of personal enemies of the President. I put on there with Bykov, Makarevich. I was scared at first, and then glad that I’m in such great company. About me it says – “liberal pacifist”. So, I now do not go.

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– What you dream, what do you want?

– When I came back from America, I realized that the main thing for us. The civilized state differs in that happy old people, children and animals. In Chernivtsi has opened a shelter for animals, and I’m helping him, children who ATO also help, especially the wounded. Now I want to open an animal shelter in my town, but I have no share capital.

– Do you have a question?

– Do you have Pets?

– No. I have had dogs, but I’m leaving at seven in the morning and arrive at 11 PM. And the animals need all the time to do. But the animals in the house is fine.

Thank you very much, Marianne.

Я не делю юмор на женский и мужской
Я не делю юмор на женский и мужской

Я не делю юмор на женский и мужской