I maloros? Zelensky made a bet with the official

Я малорос? Зеленский поспорил с чиновницей

Zelensky argue with the Nikolaev official

The President in Nikolaev found out that the head of the regional Council earlier called him a maloros. The clerk had to make excuses.

President Vladimir Zelensky during the visit to Nikolaev talked to the head of the Nikolaev regional Council Victoria Moskalenko about the fact who of them maloros and who is Ukrainian, said the publication news-N.

Moskalenko accompanied the President during the visit to Nikolaev shipbuilding plant, and one of the journalists said that the official during the presidential election campanians called Zelensky by maloros. The President was asked whether he stated about the intention to quit.

“I generally critique normally am. I’m a person, I criticized, so I think it’s okay. But I don’t know Victoria, I don’t know who it was. Victoria with me today, I met the first day,” said Zelensky.

Then he said that she called him by maloros that he turned to Moskalenko: “I maloros? Are you seriously saying I maloros? … You’ll have to survive with me, maloros (joked the President)”.

She said that during the presidential election campaign supported Poroshenko said: “I think that you can prove you are not a maloros and will cooperate”.

Zelensky interrupted her and said, “Let’s agree that it is your task to prove that you are a Ukrainian”.

Moskalenko told him that she is Ukrainian. This Zelensky said: “my people is that have chosen.” The official also said that too elected by the people.

As reported, during the visit to Nikolaev Zelensky reprimanded the Governor, staged a squabble with the Director of the airport, and the city was called the most gangster in Ukraine.


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