I resent Yanukovych commented on the postponement of the court hearing on Monday

Я возмущен: Янукович прокомментировал перенос заседания суда на понедельник

The former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych today, 25 November, was ready to make a speech during the trial of “Berkut” Alexander marinchenko, Sergei Tuturau, Oleg Janiszewski, Pavel Abroskin and Sergey Zinchenko. However, the accused in court is not delivered, Viktor Yanukovich, word was not given.

However, the fugitive President is not too upset, it is planned in the evening press conference, and outside the court, Yanukovych made a statement.

It is given below.

YANUKOVYCH: “I am outraged by what happened. One question here – who benefits from it. Today we learned that “Right sector” and radical re-working outside the Ukrainian laws and authorities approve it. We just heard the statement Avakov that “we will not give Yanukovych an information platform”. Does that mean that the Minister of the interior fails to comply with the court’s decision? The court decided to interrogate me as a witness, and of course, fear of what will be revealed crimes of the Maidan, today. And here I am, taking this opportunity, I decided to spend all the same press conference, although you know me, I can’t say that I’ll have to tell the court. Given that 28 (November – ed.) still, the court would be in session to give them a chance to use these my testimony outside the court, I’m such a chance will not let them. But still I say. And of course I will answer all those questions which interest and concern us. We have not met, and I don’t want to comment from the point of view of the law that happened today”.