“I want to Odessa was afraid”: the Detainee’s’kyi killer confirmed the intention to organize a terrorist attack

"Я хочу, чтобы Одесса боялась": Задержанный овидиопольский убийца подтвердил намерения устроить теракт

In the Odessa region detained a suspect in the brutal murder

The suspect in the brutal murder in Ovidiopol of Odessa region said that the had planned to arrange a terrorist attack in Odessa. About it writes “Duma”.

“The man confirmed to police that he wanted to arrange a terrorist attack: “I want to Odessa feared.” Murder it consciously, but the motives while refusing to name”, – notes the edition.

As told the head of the regional police Dmitry Golovin, the attacker was arrested 7 km from Ovidiopol, when he left the landing near the village of roksolany.

The reporter “112 Ukraine” with reference to the words of the head of the police region said that the search and detention were as follows: as law enforcement officers together with social activists scoured towns and camp sites in the area of Ovidiopol, one of the groups in the amount of 7 people found the suspect when he came out of the plantation. He was taken to Ovidiopol district police station.

Participants of search operation going under a branch and wait for further developments.

About detention of the criminal became known earlier.

We will remind, militiamen of Odessa region was looking for 31-the summer man whom suspect of cruel murder: the charred bodies of a woman and child found with their heads cut off.

Later it was reported that initially a wanted man planned to drive a truck into a crowd of people.

In the region introduced a plan “Siren” to search for the suspect along the main roads in Ovidiopolsky district of mounted police posts. All the operation involved nearly 500 law enforcement officers. The police admit that the criminal may be armed.