Ibrahimovic will put a monument

Ибрагимовичу поставят прижизненный памятник

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

The statue will set in front of the entrance to the stadium Frends Arenas in the homeland of Zlatan.

In the current year due to a record 11th time won the Goldenball award as the best player of the year in Sweden. Zlatan wins the award every year since 2005. The only exception is in 2006 when the winner was Freddie Wenberg.

As reported by Swedish newspaper Afton Bladet, the merits of the 35-year-old striker will be immortalized in the statue installed in front of the entrance to the stadium, Friends arena.

The project is implemented by the sculptor Peter Linde.

Ибрагимовичу поставят прижизненный памятник

“The guy from the Rozengard will receive his own statue in the capital of Sweden,” said Ibrahimovic. Usually monuments are erected to those who have departed to the other world, but I’m still alive. The day will come when I will not, but this statue will live forever. Therefore, thank you.”

Zlatan finished performances for the national team after Euro 2016 in the status of the best scorer in the history of Sweden – 62 goals.

When Zlatan said that if the Eiffel Tower will be replaced by his statue, he will remain at PSG. Naturally, the conservative, the French did not listen to the wishes of the daring Ibra, but now the Swede will get his own monument.

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