“Ice cream of the Grand Prix your choice car win” is a national campaign from the leading manufacturer of ice cream in Ukraine, TM “Lasunka”

“Мороженое Гран-При выбирай – автомобиль выигрывай" – всеукраинская акция от ведущего производителя мороженого в Украине ТМ “Ласунка”

In honor of the 18th birthday of the beloved by many Ukrainians horn “Grand Prix”, LLC “Lasunka” announces a new full-scale Campaign!

“Grand Prix choose – win a Mini Cooper” – a chance for each of our customers receive a valuable prize. With our campaign we want to thank our customers for been with us all these years and chose the products of TM “Lasunka”. Horn “Grand Prix” for many years, remains the leader of sales and is the flagship of our company. This delicious ice cream, enriched with rich and wonderful flavors. He was destined to become the hero of our new Stock. In the spring and summer we will hold several Raffles and will please many Ukrainians an excellent gift.

We took into account the wishes of our customers, conducting a survey in social networks and on their basis prepared an incredible Prize Fund of the Campaign.

Participate in our contest and you could win:

1. 5 promotional codes wrap – recharge mobile on the 20 UAH. (the number of replenishments is not limited)

2. Every Sunday – drawing of one of the 26 branded bikes (2 different kinds).

3. Super prize-a car Mini Cooper!

“Мороженое Гран-При выбирай – автомобиль выигрывай" – всеукраинская акция от ведущего производителя мороженого в Украине ТМ “Ласунка”



TM “Lasunka” in the past, many times acted out branded bicycles, from which our winners were ecstatic. But this time we went on! The winners will be able to choose a bike white suit is low (with growth up to 160 cm), and red – those who are taller (taller than 160 cm).

All drawings will be conducted with service “Random.org” technical partner for our action. Each drawing will be recorded on video, which you can find on our official youtube channel. For the development of the mechanism of the Action, the generation of codes and technical support to meet our partner OOO “Lignin” who takes responsibility and claims that fraud is excluded. The service is completely automated, the influence of third parties is excluded. OOO “Linlin” has experience working with major Ukrainian companies (Morshinska, Kinder, Jacobs, etc.). Employees of the company “Lasunka”, as well as their immediate families are not eligible to participate in the sweepstakes. OOO “Linlin” and directly LLC “Lasunka” will carefully monitor the implementation of this condition.

If it is discovered mass simultaneous administration codes technical partner, together with company will hold specifically the investigation!

TM “Lasunka” presents to your attention new flavor combinations in the line of horns “Grand Prix”. Try new products, participate in Promotions and receive their prizes from payments of mobile bills up to a brand new Mini Cooper!

The timing of the action: 01.03.2019-01.09.2019. More horns – more chances! Buy any cone “Grand Prix”, find the code on the reverse side of the package, register it on the website or send an SMS with a code on short number 9100 and get super prizes!

Increase your chances of winning!

Submit as many codes, how many horns “Grand Prix” will be able to eat! More about the Action you will be able to read the packaging of ice cream or on the website.

The event is held throughout Ukraine, except territories not controlled by the Ukrainian government.

Important! Guaranteed to get a prize you should submit a package of ice cream with the winning code in a proper state (the code should be clearly visible) and the phone from which you sent the winning code and a document that confirms your identity.

Keep the packaging code to the end of the Campaign period! Otherwise, your victory will not be counted!

Good luck!

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