Iceland – Ukraine 1:0. Online stream

Исландия - Украина 1:0. Онлайн-трансляция

The most important football match of selection for the 2018 world Cup between Iceland and Ukraine watch online 5 September at 21:45.

Important for Ukraine’s football qualifier for the 2018 world Cup between Iceland and Ukraine on 5 September in Reykjavik at Laugardalsvollur.

Online broadcast of the match Iceland – Ukraine will be available on Tuesday Корреспондент.net at 21:45.

Live the Ukrainians with the Icelanders will show the Ukrainian TV channels “Ukraine” and “Football 1”.

The bookies believe that the favorites are the football team of Iceland. Their victory set a factor of 2.6, and the victory of the blue-yellow estimated coefficient of 2.85. On the draw outcome of the meeting set a factor of 3.15.

A text stream

55. Yarmolenko moved to the center under the transmission Malinowski and shot – Halldorsson a strike for Borussia repulsed.

54. Malinowski a well-struck free-kick, the goalkeeper of Icelanders in place.

51. Come for Ukraine, and Iceland to attack. Disrupted our game plan, the play does not.

49. Return us to a miscarriage of justice in our favor from the previous game?

Video Gol Iceland Ukraine.

— SportArena (@sportarenacom) September 5, 2017

47. Goal. A very controversial goal sesitive the referee. Pyatov played out, played badly, but he almost took my head hit the ball in the end, he was released, and Sigurdsson sent it into the empty net. The referee decided that the attack on the goalkeeper was not.

46. The second half began.

Absolutely a draw. No dangerous moments. The cost of failure is large, it can press on the players.

When #Hazard to pershoho Tim: 3 waberi, a large number of vigarano, borotba, tochnit gear bilya 95% #UKRISL

— Artur Valerko (@ArchieValerko) September 5, 2017

45. Break.

44. The most effective our combination didn’t work: Konoplyanka scored on Yarmolenko, Andrei stopped, but his shot was not given.

39. Malinowski decided to take a shot from distance. It is very inaccurate.

35. Great attack Ukraine – Malinovsky and Besedin passed through the center, connect Linnet, Jack shot along the goal, but the ball to Yarmolenko not reached.

32. Kovalenko shot and earned a corner. After filing, whether Besedin, whether Icelandic defender deflected the ball towards goal is very dangerous.

30. “We are with you Ukraine!” – you can hear the stadium with the sonorous name Laugardalsvollur.

28. Was soovidele flank Linnet and Matvienko – to close was not one.

25. Sigurdsson again the center of attention, but Matvienko did not let himself go.

20. The most dangerous moment the Icelanders. Magnusson filed – Sigurdsson, the most expensive player in the history of Iceland, was beaten, but his shot was blocked by our players.

14. The Icelanders took the initiative and often appear in the penalty area of the net.

10. The first corner of our team to the danger failed.

8. Ukraine have more control of the ball at the beginning of the fight, Icelanders hope to counter-attack.

6. The first time we have! Rakitskiy hit the defender, Linnet picked up and also shot, the goalkeeper of Iceland near corner controlled.

3. Yarmolenko and Butko traditionally combine well on the left flank. Feed no no avail.

2. Rough start Icelanders. First hit Yarmolenko, then Kovalenko. The first yellow Iceland – Hallgrimsson got it.

1. The match is underway!

The anthem, as usual, sang all but Rakitskiy. Capitanich we have today Pyatov.

Team on the field, sound anthems. The stadium sold out.

While we are second in their qualifying group, Islandia third.

Andriy Shevchenko spent three substitutions in comparison with the successful match against Turkey. In the centre of defence goes Rakitskiy, who was serving a disqualification. Malinowski change rotan in midfield, and in attack come out more powerful Besedin is a free kick.

Starting lineups:

Iceland: Halldorsson — R. Sigurdsson, Saevarsson, Magnusson, Ingason — Bjarnason, Hallfredsson, Gunnarsson, Gudmundsson, Sigurdsson – Bödvarsson

Ukraine: Pyatov – Butko, Khacheridi, Rakitskiy, Matvienko – Stepanenko, Kovalenko, Andriy Malinovskiy, Linnet – Besedin

The decisive match of the qualifying round, Ukraine will hold in Reykjavik. In 1999, the Ukrainians are won with the score 1:0.

Earlier, in the 6th round of selection the national team of Ukraine beat Finland away 2:1, and in the 7th round, which took place in Kharkiv on Saturday, September 2, defeated Turkey with the score 2:0.