If THE electric cars in the service centre “Oxygen”

Если ТО электромобилей - ТО в сервисном центре «Оксижен»

Service center “Oxygen” starts service on repair and service of Nissan Leaf electric cars, in particular the planned annual that, according to Kyiv to Kirovohrad, 21 A.

Due to the fact that the service center provides fleet maintenance services “Oksi Taxi”, which operates from April 2016 and consists only of electric vehicles, qualified technicians autofocus constantly hone skills during the mandatory daily checks of taxis.

“Technical service personnel “Oxygen” are professionals working with the electric vehicle, in particular a high voltage battery and the specifics of the structure of the electric auto. More than 1.5 year, our colleagues work with machines “Oksi Taxi” – the Nissan Leaf, the total mileage of which more than 10 000 000 km,” Rrasskazyvaet General Director of the company “Oxygen Groups” Alexander Vovk.

Если ТО электромобилей - ТО в сервисном центре «Оксижен»



Also near the service center is the hub of superchargers “Oxygen” and salon for the sale of electric vehicles. So customers of the service center can not only pass, but to be charged and to communicate with experts in the usage of the electric vehicle.
Each specialist service of the centre received relevant training and has the diagnostic tools to work with electronic equipment and power electric drive and, of course, adhered strictly to safety when working with high voltage electrical installations according to the technical regulations of the vehicle manufacturer.

Service center is equipped with modern diagnostic equipment and parts for repair of electric vehicles. In the repair or maintenance of a use of the routing manufacturers. Experienced consultants of the service center can determine the approximate duration of the service depending on the nature of the work required.

Если ТО электромобилей - ТО в сервисном центре «Оксижен»



“Planning for electric vehicles is held once in 15 000 km for vehicles with internal combustion engines, but the maintenance of electric cars is much less. They have fewer moving parts, so electric vehicles are less parts to wear out. Therefore, maintenance of such cars is less costly financially compared to conventional cars. During THE checks the undercarriage of a car, braking system, electrical equipment, replacing gear oil and replace the filters of the air conditioning system. These and other services, providing safety when driving an electric vehicle offers autofocus Oxygen”, – says the Director of the service center Arkady Mikhno.

If necessary, the specialists of “Oxygen” will give the owner of the car test drive to understand the character and nature of faults. Experienced mechanics and craftsmen work in harmonious tandem: the mechanic diagnoses and reports the results to the master.

Если ТО электромобилей - ТО в сервисном центре «Оксижен»



In the center of the “Oxygen” you can visit the service area of electric vehicles and to see, how is the electric car.

The launch of the service on the planned maintenance of the electric vehicle greatly simplifies the operation of these cars in Ukraine and to build trust in the environmental transport among motorists.