If trump wants quick wins, he will have to coordinate with the Republican party, – Centurion

Если Трамп хочет быстрых побед, ему придется координировать действия с Республиканской партией, - Сотник

Olena Sotnyk

If trump wants quick wins, he will have to coordinate with the Republican party, which in the representative bodies has the USA has the most. Such opinion on air of “112 Ukraine” vyrazhennyj MP from the “Samopomich” Olena Sotnyk.

“The Republican party is a powerful party and trump will not be able to ignore this party today, as it is in representative bodies has a majority. If trump wants to step up and show a quick victory, he will be forced to coordinate their actions and to find common points and common ground with the Republican party,” said the Centurion.

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In addition, according to Centurion, the pre-election statements of trump and his real actions on a post of the President of the United States may vary.

“Trump is a showman and understands the psychology of people that you worked with, what they bet, the campaign was focused on people who were not covered by the white-collar politicians in America among Democrats. His populist statements, he received a majority. But what trump says and what actually will do are two different things …”, she said.

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“Turning to the aspirations of the Russians, I would not be so optimistic. It seems to me that on the geopolitical map, they are more competitors than allies. In the future trump still show a tough stance of the United States, and not only in relation to Ukraine”, – said the MP.

As reported, victory in the US presidential election was won by the Republican candidate, Donald trump. He’s got 279 votes, with 270 needed to win. The Clinton – 215.

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