If you compare Donetsk and Kiev, another question, what city was more beautiful

Если сравнить Донецк и Киев, то еще вопрос, какой город был красивее

MP from the Opposition bloc of Natalia Korolevska in the Studio “112 Ukraine”. 03.12.2016

Vlashchenko: Today our guest – people’s Deputy of Ukraine Natalia Korolevska.

Hello, Natalia. You have been in YTB, you are considered the best friend of Tymoshenko. Then, in an instant, it all fell apart. Why do you think failed your career in BYuT?

Royal: I have great respect for Yu. Tymoshenko and grateful for the political University, which we went along with it. It happened not according to my will. It was a decision at the time, when Tymoshenko was in prison, and faction drove Alexander Turchinov.

– What was the conflict?

– I think Alexander Turchinov better, bring your arguments. We are on this topic was not discussed. It was his decision. Conflict we didn’t have – we had different views on on-going processes. It was a difficult, difficult time, time of opposition, when there were different pressures. The decision for me was very unexpected – I came to the meeting of the faction, and Alexander V. then announced the decision.

– What is your current relationship with Yulia Tymoshenko?

– Polite. We say Hello.

When she was in prison, you tried to communicate with her?

– I believe that is already the past. The concept of friendship, relationships to family, friends, life, relationships that you value, and people you fully trust. Policy is more of a partnership.

When I was in the East before 14th of the year, I was struck by the level of depression themselves, places and people who live there. When he came to Lviv or Ivano-Frankivsk, that was one kind, and in the Luhansk region was a special atmosphere of depression, which is largely dependent on the 90s. Do you feel personal guilt as the representative of the local elites for what happened in the East, and in General for what happened in the 14th year?

– I can hardly be counted among the elite of the ‘ 90s, when I was 15 years old. I love my small Home and Luhansk, and Donetsk. I have not been there 2.5 years. The first of September I always went to their home school – and today it has become unavailable. And it’s scary. But even worse to meet here today its 45-year-old friends who had lost everything. It was terrible to go in Slavyansk in the early days after liberation. When I arrived in Svyatogorsk Lavra, there were children-immigrants, who fell on the floor from slammed doors – it was scary. Today to say that somehow lived there and that the people there were depressed… if you compare Donetsk and Kiev – is still a question, what city was beautiful. I would not do here and now division, based on quality – we all live in a United Ukraine.

– No separation between Lviv, Ternopil, Luhansk, Donetsk citizens I do not. But there were certain preconditions of life that made these regions different. Such rampant banditry, which was in Lugansk, few knew the city in the ‘ 90s.

– Yes, in the ‘ 90s was a terrible situation in Lugansk and Donetsk. I think the situation was hardly better in other areas. On my first attempt when I was 24 years old. But in the 2000s I have not seen the difference between Kharkiv, Luhansk, etc. the standard of living was higher than in Donetsk and Luhansk, because the miners was a good salary. These are the statistics of the level of wages that people receive.

– The practice of “kopanok” suggests that people had a hard time in these areas. Journalists write that you had a direct connection to this practice.

That is not true. You ever seen “Copanca”?

– No, not seen.

– And I have seen and never done. What is happening today in Zhytomyr, Chernihiv? It has nothing to the East. When closed a large enterprise, when total unemployment, people go to those measures that will provide an opportunity to feed his family. Similarly, how to make a amber also earned East on coal mining illegally. Today, small entrepreneurs out in the cold, in the frost standing in the markets. In terrible conditions the work on the forest-timber. People who could earn a little more – went to work at illegal work.

– There is a video where your good friend Yefremov calls people to disobedience, standing under a Russian flag. The fact that people living in Ukraine, call on the help of another country – is worthy of punishment? It’s called treason?

– There are such things, the which will put only time. I’m sure we will have the opportunity to understand all the details, the reasons why it happened. Where did the first several hundred people who came to those shares, then several thousand, then we have what we have. Here today guilty and responsible will not name, because it is much more difficult.

– How difficult has happened – there are people who would never stand under a Russian flag. And the majority of people in the country. And there are people who have done it.

Today, I believe, my duty, my duty is not to sow hatred, not to point fingers, not to scare even more those people who stayed there. Many are unable to leave, and they live very hard. So my task is to do everything so that these people can feel the friendship and understanding from you.

– Local people don’t go to rallies. The only thing they reproached themselves that they did not come out and broke up a bunch of scoundrels.

– Law enforcement authorities are required to understand comprehensively in this situation. But I’m against the fact that we some negative signals were sent by people who stayed there. They were deprived of pensions, humiliated and abused when they go through checkpoints. Killed about 2000 innocent people – they came to the house war. I drove all the “gray” area, we reached the town of Shirokino. This two worlds and two ways of life – Kiev and there. I of March 8 arrived in the Marinka and the bombing started. I was surprised by those women in the basement with a smile, with faith in their country celebrated the 8th of March. Must be responsible, primarily, power and the state, because for 2.5 years, there is no law on the status of civilians affected by the war. People affected by the attacks, no right – all household injuries. The state does not give these people any help and support.

Если сравнить Донецк и Киев, то еще вопрос, какой город был красивее
Если сравнить Донецк и Киев, то еще вопрос, какой город был красивее

Если сравнить Донецк и Киев, то еще вопрос, какой город был красивее


– The state is all of us.

– First and foremost is the task of the coalition in Parliament. We wrote a law for them, along with residents of controlled parts to the status of civilians. It was registered in the Parliament. I appealed to all the factions that I’m willing not to put his name there, but let us recognize that in our country there are such people and we must support and protect them.

– If you have business in the occupied territories?

– No. I have no business neither on one nor on this site – I have gone out of business.

– You are now in the “Opposition bloc”, which consists of two centers. What center you belong to Akhmetov or Firtash-Lyovochkin?

– It was all very spontaneous. I was planning on the majority of the campaign to be elected to Parliament. The idea is to create a block – it’s like a Playground for people who want peace in this country. For me, first of all, is a team of people who combined their efforts to win a team. Levochkin, Vilkul, Boyko, Kolesnikov, Novinsky at that difficult time could pass in the Parliament, winning a mazhoritarka. It was an important signal for the people to show that they too have the opportunity to protect their rights.

– What did you do for those 2 years?

We filed some 11 appeals to the constitutional court because the Constitution by the current coalition was broken in Parliament about 50 times. More than 25 cases in the commercial courts, and wrote about 50 bills. But most importantly, we have combined today a team of professionals, experts, activists, and civil leaders. Wrote the strategy for socio-economic development of the country. This is a road map on where we should go.

– This does not necessarily have to come to Parliament – politics you can do outside Parliament. The Parliament is a platform where you can influence the course of events. And to write the documents and outside Parliament.

The problem of this Parliament that there is chaos. When people have no plan and strategy of development of the state, no purpose – is suffering everyone. Today is a unique chance for the Parliament to combine all the possibilities in order to implement a unified peace plan.

– Are you looking for enterprises with anyone?

We are ready to unite with anyone, with any political force if the aim of the Association will be peace in our country. Today we see the war party. There is a debate, you need to “Minsk” implement or not to? The need to legislate or not to? Ukraine and Ukrainian Parliament needs to take responsibility. If someone has another plan – let’s learn it. Today, there is no Ukrainian Parliament in settling the situation in Minsk. Today we pretend that we have peace, and in fact there is a war. We can not bury our heads in the sand when such problems in the country.

– Under this plan, you turn your Home into a “gray” area with hidden border. You should be the first against it.

– I have to do all that today, the country ceased to kill people. To civilians today do not have to die. Women across the country unite today, write your peace plan. We are ready to present, there are already more than 1000 initiatives. In almost all regions of Ukraine created an initiative group today – 100 thousand women signed a Declaration to the world. Peace begins in our head. In Parliament, in the head – war, and the Parliament war. Talk about the world, sitting in Kiev, and tell which plan is the best out there, in the war… the people are asking that they stop shooting, not in the basement today to raise children.

– Do you have a question?

– What are you willing to do for the world?

– I belong to the party professionals, and if we politics, the economy was doing professionally, then anything that happened would not happen. So I didn’t go into politics, and engaged in their work. And it’s the best I can do for your country.

– You are very right in saying that politics should be entrusted to professionals.

– Of course. Thank you for the conversation.

Если сравнить Донецк и Киев, то еще вопрос, какой город был красивее
Если сравнить Донецк и Киев, то еще вопрос, какой город был красивее

Если сравнить Донецк и Киев, то еще вопрос, какой город был красивее