If you need to carry a large amount of cash from Bank a to Bank B

Если вам нужно перевезти крупную сумму наличными из банка А в банк Б

Call the Sheriff, and Your concerns about the security of Your money will disappear immediately. However, the Sheriff is dust-tanned American from the heartland in cowboy boots and a hat with a star, and the modern young guys in full gear and on a different transport from the holding of the security enterprises “the Sheriff”.

You need to carry a large amount of cash from Bank a to Bank B? You want to be sure of their safety? You are afraid of robbers? Call and order Express security. You will be surprised by the lack of paperwork and speed the arrival of Your call.

In the daily life of every Kiev resident or an ordinary settlement of Ukraine there are situations when it is necessary to Express the protection. Here’s a simple example: the average citizen, not rich, not poor, selling an apartment inherited. Despite falling prices on the real estate market, the amount is quite large. The transaction processing takes time, it involves several people, the transfer of cash can happen in a special room in the Bank. And yet. Transfers from one Bank to another is also not instantaneous, they are restricted to working days and hours. The man picks up a large amount of cash. Now the money we need to bring home, or to another Bank or give them to relatives or employees. Another example: You have received a big loan and for some reason, take it in cash. Very often a large amount know not only the parties to the sale, but also strangers. Among outsiders there are those who intentionally or even unintentionally make known criminals. You are going through. On the movement amounts of cash on hand following the criminal world. It is reported by the police. How to protect yourself in such cases?

Express security also deals with such issues. It does not need to sign a long-term contract and hold the alarm. Just call by phone and order the service. For 20 minutes at the indicated address will be a crew of security officers on a special car. Employees are fully equipped, they offer a bullet-proof vest and You. Express guard trained to fight the Pankration. It should be noted that Pankration – an Olympic sport come from Ancient Greece. Wrestling combines the techniques of martial arts, which used rapid protection as protection.

You sign an Express agreement and pays for the service. You need to present a document proving Your identity. You will pay 1 thousand hryvnias in two hours of maintenance. Each additional hour is 300 UAH, country routes and support in other settlements negotiated separately. It does not matter whether we carry You the amount of UAH or collection of diamonds. You are not required to notify the Express protection also not required to announce the reasons for seeking service. All information is confidential.

Express protection is granted and then, when You threaten, blackmail, which violates the security, harmful to health and life.

You had to go from the airport or to the airport for night flight, with money or valuable cargo? A special crew will accompany You. The least protected in stressful situations, women and children can also be provided Express protection in transit to the destination.
According to statistics, cases of robbery, theft of cash and valuables from cars, in a way, increased. There is reason to contact the Express security. The advantage of such services is obvious: You can make the decision, already being in the Bank or at the airport, not devoting anyone advance in their plans, and within 20 minutes, Your security is guaranteed. You only need to call.

All information and order the Express service, or telephone (044) 500 1 911 or on the company website