Igor Lisov has congratulated teachers on their professional holiday

Игорь Лысов поздравил учителей с их профессиональным праздником

On the first Sunday of October, all teachers of our country celebrated the professional holiday – Day of workers of education.

On the eve of Igor Lisov congratulated the teachers Liko-school and kindergarten teachers kindergartens Liko-Suite and all the Ukrainian journalists on their professional day.
Liko-school is one of the best schools in Kiev, using advanced educational technology, and her students are winners of many competitions, competitions, creative projects. And all this in the first place, thanks to the skill and efforts of teachers who help to uncover the child’s potential to develop and build the best quality.

Игорь Лысов поздравил учителей с их профессиональным праздником



“For me, the word teacher means a lot. As a citizen – you are shaping the future of our country. As someone who has been trained in the school, University – the role of the teacher always remained sacred to me. And if asked what for you was the first icon, I would have immediately replied that it was my first grade teacher, Eugenia Stepanovna, and I always remember her with gratitude,” — said Igor Lisov.

Игорь Лысов поздравил учителей с их профессиональным праздником



“I wish you success, inspiration to the children always treated you as the most respected people in their lives, and you always had a reason to be proud of their students. I understand that the teacher’s role, teacher, trainer in the sport today – is first and foremost a fanatical devotion… And devotion for what they give the students a piece of his soul – the big gratitude and respect,” he thanked teachers.

Also Igor Lisov presented the best teachers diplomas and gifts. And after the official greetings they waited for the concert of children’s creative collectives Liko-school and Liko-Suite, and a theater Personality.