I’m back and won’t let you forget: a Statement of Hope Savchenko in Parliament

Я вернулась и не дам вам забыть: Заявление Надежды Савченко в Верховной Раде

I, the people’s Deputy of Ukraine Hope Savchenko, I’m back and involved in the work. I want to thank all the Ukrainians, who fought for me. I want to thank all the Ukrainians of the world who had consciousness in the world community and showed what Ukraine. I want to thank all the good and decent people of the world who have supported me and Ukraine.

I want to apologize to the mother of Vadim Pugachev for the fact that her son gave his life for my freedom. I’m sorry that I’m alive, and your child is dead.

I came back and will not let you forget will not let you forget who’s sitting in those chairs BP, about those guys who started to give their lives for Ukraine on independence and now continue to die for it in the Donbass.

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I won’t let you forget that if anyone of you was at the cemetery, you could feel what I felt: they do not lie, they are. They are with us for Ukraine and they will not lay down in the graves until then, until we get the Ukraine, for which they died and about which we dream.

I will say that nothing is forgotten, nobody is forgotten and nothing is forgiven. And the people of Ukraine will not allow us to sit in these seats if we are going to betray them.

Ukraine – above all else, and for us who sit in this chamber: Ukraine – above each of our lives.


I BP shoot your portrait from the podium and replace him with faces of guys who will look you in the eye, which are now still sitting behind enemy lines and defending our Ukraine. To ensure that every time you will act on this podium – looked them in the eye and understood that you have to get the last of them. Thank you.

Я вернулась и не дам вам забыть: Заявление Надежды Савченко в Верховной Раде

Nadezhda Savchenko

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