I’m not ashamed. Interview with Semyon Semenchenko

Мне не стыдно. Интервью с Семеном Семенченко

Semen Semenchenko was disappointed that the oligarchs continue as before to influence policies in the country

Semen Semenchenko, people’s Deputy from Samopomich, gave an interview to a magazine Reporter.

With the former battalion commander of the battalion Donbas, we met outdoors, writes Alice Svetlakova No. 16 edition of 22 April 2016.

Semenchenko joined the military jacket and combat boots, vybrannyi style only emphasized some connection to the past, the events of two years ago, kogdaego the battalion alone trying to make a decision in punishers, others — in true patriots.Kombat now head in the left in policy, however, did him from ecogasoline to live is a big question.

Smoke without fire

Is your name associated with many scandals. Is it easy to live with such a burden?

– It all started in the spring of 2014 – then the whole organized group in Russia was engaged in the discrediting of the volunteer battalion Donbass. There were rumours that we were selling human organs that we invaders the peaceful population. Seriously I was not is from the series about the crucified boys, raped bullfinches and epileptic pensioners.

The Ukrainian press is all began – I remember the date – September 5, 2014.

It was then concluded the Minsk agreement, and I went into politics, Samopomoc, and began to demand to punish the generals for Ilovaisk.

Immediately to my address fell down the “exposure”. I think that this is still involved in special forces, only in September they were joined by those who live in Ukraine, in particular, financial clans. In December 2014, for example, proved to be the strength relating to Rinat Akhmetov. He got behind us when we stopped Humanos provided – omitted in exchange for release of prisoners. The prisoners then released, the convoy passed. Like all good – but the system worked.

In winter 2015 we announced that Debaltsevo is ilovays’k № 2 – the same people leading the operation, allowed similar errors. And again dirty publications…

I’m not the only one, the chief military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios specializes in discrediting the new police force, volunteers. However, I would not be surprised if the next interview you have will be taken from behind bars.

None of overblown scandals is not confirmed by facts, it just creates smoke without fire, a way that people are less trusted.

Мне не стыдно. Интервью с Семеном Семенченко

Photo By Dmitry Nikonorova

– You never had any desire to punish your abusers. To give them in the face, for example! Or take the Verkhovna Rada! There are in fact many politicians whom you consider to be odious.

– Before I became a politician, such thoughts my mind could come. But now it seems wrong. And you know why? The use of physical force in the Parliament will be immediately used by our opponents to scare people – again radicals, extremists. When in Kryvyi Rih have been elections, there are opponents of the people said, Yes, you live in poverty, the local government robbing you, but this is the most power – is not really evil. And here comes Samopomoc and the end of your quiet life. So people have set up.

– That is, everything that you say, black PR, nothing more? But how then to explain the video from the Congress of separatists, where are you? Also not true?

In March of 2014 and close no DNR, a full-fledged separatist organization appeared a month later. Accordingly, no Congress of the separatists was not. There were spontaneous rallies, noisy meetings Pro-Russian citizens. It’s simple.

After Maidan I returned to Donetsk and decided to organize together with other children of the Donetsk self-defence. It was in March 2014. At the same time on the East came Nikolai Yakubovich, at that time he was the Advisor to the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov and Advisor to the Secretary of the NSDC Andrew parubiya. We knew each other from the Maidan, began to work together. One of the issues that we discussed was about the inaction of the police, who did nothing in relation to the so-called Russophiles.

I went to a meeting to understand the reasons for the inaction of the police, to assess the resources available to protesters. All the data I’m using Jakubowicz passed in Kiev Parubiy and Avakov. And how is presented this video is part of the campaign, coined by cynics for gullible people. The chronology of the events of 2014 already pojavilas.

The occupation and the opposition

– You say that informed Parubiy, Avakov about the true situation in Donetsk. Why they did nothing?

– It must not be asked me. I think initially there was a game Akhmetov, as well as in 2005, when his people tried to bargain preferences from Kiev. Can also be assumed that this is what was seen happening in the power corridors of the oligarchs of Donbass trading again. Now, of course, it is clear that there were plenty of Russian agents, and this distinguished the present situation from that of a decade ago. But then he saw, perhaps because of the lack of experience on the part of our statesmen. Or is it dogovornjakah, the traitors, the apathy, the ineptitude, not want to think about it.

If everyone realized it in time, would not have to create the battalion Donbass, and we wouldn’t have lost Donetsk and Lugansk

If everyone realized it in time, would not have to create the battalion Donbass, and we wouldn’t have lost Donetsk and Lugansk.

But we’re not completely lost. On the shelves of supermarkets in Kiev and then you can find where in the string “the address of the production capacity” appear on uncontrolled territory.

– This is because the state agencies have a real accomplices of the separatists, and not imaginary.

– Maybe it’s because there is no law prohibiting transporting goods back and forth?

– There is no such law, we are not only trading is not prohibited, we have all these territories are not recognized as occupied, do not have such status, you know? And in the Parliament in various ways hampered by our bill, which would put the end to all this. It is disadvantageous to those people who are now in power. That is why we are in opposition.

– Who specifically is slow?

– Who distributes the draft laws in the Parliament? Why are our bills for the year are gathering dust and are not put into the hall?

I think this question should be asked of the head of Parliament, heads of parliamentary committees that we belong to two political forces – President and former Prime Minister.

A successful symbiosis

– Many consider prolonging the war in the Donbass artificially created internal problem. You think so too?

– We have a former Deputy chief of control management of presidential administration of times of Victor Yanukovych Familia – Matios. He is engaged in systematic harassment of volunteers, tighten the transmission to the court for Ilovaisk and Debaltsevo, after investigating we would have learned a lot. Unfortunately, such often.

There is a certain amount of financial-political groups, interested in the current situation has lasted for as long as possible, because the society in this case, many will not pay attention

There is a certain amount of financial-political groups, interested in the current situation has lasted for as long as possible, because the society in this case, many will not pay attention, will not ask uncomfortable questions. Well, you understand, just that – a war, Putin here-here will attack… on those items Ukrainians being sarcastic, but still retain patience.

– You always say about the persecution of volunteers as injustice. But from the information about lawlessness in the area of the ATO sometimes hair stand on end! Robberies, bribes at checkpoints, the humanitarian aid is plundered, shells collected and hand over on scrap metal. Why should volunteers sinless?

– Of course, vices. There are problems, and we need to fight them, and the goal should be to eradicate all these phenomena. But we often aim to be in proportion, and so the fight does not bring results, only worse.

Can’t we have a Prosecutor ATO appointed by the chief military Prosecutor, to have a luxurious fleet of vehicles, moreover, constantly on social networks to show all this luxury, and thus to submit the Declaration that living on one salary. Where did all this come from? With such people need to start to restore order.

The second issue is personnel policy. Need people to appoint not according to the criteria of personal loyalty, not “their”, and professionalism and responsibility.

– I don’t understand how you can put “her” at the head of some Department, the power structures. As the oligarchs agree with the government?

– There is such a tradition, since the late 90-ies, since the times of Leonid Kuchma – the then current oligarchic circles finally came to power. Since then, many senior officials – and their appointees. This is a class that resists influence from the leadership of the country. In order to change them – judges, prosecutors, experts in the military sphere, civilian officials – require greater political will.

But we see otherwise – the country’s leadership, by contrast, relies on old footage, it’s like a mutually beneficial symbiosis. That’s why still not put a single person in the time of Yanukovich, while willingly put in prison volunteers. For the same reason we have corruption.

Мне не стыдно. Интервью с Семеном Семенченко

Photo By Dmitry Nikonorova

– Samopomoc finally moved into opposition. What is the reaction inside of the faction? If you agree with such a serious decision?

– We took the decision to withdraw from the coalition because our government is oligarchic, and state decisions are, unfortunately, not accepted by Parliament, and in the centres of oligarchic influence. All the country addressed a narrow circle of people, not the legislature. Hence what happens, for example, large-scale plundering of state enterprises.

The country went to the amendment, requires the adoption of a new electoral law, suggesting that to choose deputies will be on open party lists, the attorney General will be elected by open competition and the composition of the CEC must be completely replaced. You see, the term of office of CEC members expired long ago, and now their hold on the places to work “in manual mode”, to fulfill political orders.

Why participate in the coalition and bless it all? Yes, the attitude of the deputies to the decision of the faction is ambiguous. Some people think that being in coalition could do more.

– What do you expect from the new Prime Minister?

– The rearrangement of summands does not change the sum.

The appointment of Vladimir Groisman as Prime Minister-it’s just redistribution of power in favor of the PPO. But that doesn’t change the essence of oligarchic power and will not improve the lives of ordinary people

The appointment of Vladimir Groisman as Prime Minister-it’s just redistribution of power in favor of the PPO. But that doesn’t change the essence of oligarchic power and will not improve the lives of ordinary people. Therefore, our faction abstained from voting for the Groisman.

Мне не стыдно. Интервью с Семеном Семенченко

Photo By Dmitry Nikonorova

– They often say, Groisman started his business game, contrary to the President? What do you think, between them, real conflicts, rivalry?

– Previously, they always presented a United front. I think after the appointment, nothing will change. What could be a rivalry? They have a common goal and vision to achieve them.

Gilichenski order

– Let’s talk about elections in Krivoy Rog. How did you manage them so absurd to lose? Politicians even began to speak that Samopomoc consciously handed over the region to Vinculum.

– Who specifically said it?

In particular, Irina Gerashchenko.

– And unless it has some relation to the Curved Horn? I never met the woman, but neither there nor at the front. BPP and the NF withdrew from the nomination of their candidate in the region. The President and the security service, which reports to the President, pretended that fraud was not rigged to punish.

Before the elections, all the billboards in the city were plastered with posters with the inscription: Samopomoc the come – gilichenski the right move. Even distributed leaflets in which it was reported that Samopomoc creates the records of Jews… People were scared that would fly in any Western newcomers will pick last. The day before the election brought additional 160 thousand voters. As a result, the turnout jumped to 15%, which has become a serious bias in favor of Yuri Vilkul.

And it turns out I scored 50% more votes than Milobog in the first round. Only cynicism and lies allow different speakers to talk about the shameful defeat of Samopomoc.

– And how Affairs with Malobago after the scandalous exposure?

– He refused to go to the polls. We recently expelled from the party, considering “the deed” he agreed with a Politician, making money to withdraw his candidacy from the election. Since this all began. And I think it is a betrayal to the voters. You could just throw people, but I took responsibility for the continuation of the struggle in the region.

And I’m not ashamed.


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