I’m not particularly enamored of Saakashvili to be disappointed

Я особо не очаровывался Саакашвили, чтобы разочаровываться

Vlashchenko: Today week events we are discussing with the people’s Deputy of Ukraine ViktorChumak omom.

Good evening, Victor. You watched Eurovision? Did you vote?

Chumak: it is Very late, sorry, was. And I honestly favour a different style of music, and that’s why I never watch the Eurovision song contest. But I am very happy to win Jamala. Ironically I am one of the honorary titles: people’s artist, etc., as the folk people are not after them assign the appropriate title from the government. It has long been a folk artist, and the influence of the artist, as though it cynically sounded, depends on how much he earns money. If the artist go and buy the tickets, fill the theatres, the stadiums, then this is the people’s artist.

– You didn’t vote for that Yuriy Lutsenko became the attorney General. Why?

– My position was absolutely clear. The first position is the crisis of confidence and not just to the state Institute of the GPU, from the President, since this position comes the man who does not fall in the Prosecutor’s office. And that’s good, because all of society does not trust the Prosecutor’s office. But the other position, and this position is very unfair, because, by and large, I know a lot of people for whom it is not necessary to break through the knee, the Parliament, and it is not necessary to change the law. I know a lot of lawyers who would be willing to take on this position.

Who, for instance?

– Shishkin, Shevchuk – people with appropriate values, with the appropriate charisma, with appropriate visions.

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– And why in the hall of the Parliament not debated other names?

– The fact that this discussion was supposed to start the President. It is his prerogative. They debated in Parliament – there were various politicians, including from the rostrum of VR. But the President was supposed to give at least five people, to see who the best of them. But any discussion was not, and generally we heard that the President sees no one except Lutsenko on this post. He very much trusts Yury Vitalyevich, but this is the third person that President so trusted. But the problem here is that another legal community might be thinking, why learn? Why to diplomas of candidates and doctors of Sciences, undergo different degrees of growth, if, in principle, it is possible to take a position, which according to all international standards demands to be qualified. This is not a political position.

– And do not you think that is a consequence of the campaigning, which was started by you and your soratniki two years ago. You kept saying that no matter professional or not, it is important that he was honest and Patriotic.

– Professionalism, integrity, honesty – is a prerequisite for high public office.

– Lutsenko and announced that among professionals the President has not found a single person who he trusted.

– This is bad. This suggests that the President has no bench. When there was a crisis with the question of the appointment of Groisman to the post of Prime Minister, again, was discussed at the same position Lutsenko.

– What new features will appear in the GPU, and that will mean reform?

– No. It is not the function, these are the steps that, say, you can just change the GPU. That’s the use-the temperature cannot be changed. We must build, in parallel, another, and as setting up a unit parallel the Prosecutor’s office, the old Prosecutor’s office to dismiss. It is possible, and it is absolutely in the power of Lutsenko. New functions are not needed – there are three functions, and it should do it. To build a new Prosecutor, have 50-70 people who become a team. This deputies, heads of divisions who investigate major crimes, and the heads of regional Prosecutor’s offices. And it’s a good place to start. If this process is running, I will safely say that everything is going right.

– Return Lutsenko to the Prosecutor’s office KASKO, Sakvarelidze? And how would it line up?

– An indicator of positive changes in the Prosecutor’s office will even if you close the case on KASKO. Because it sucked from the finger. If it will close and say that it has no judicial prospects – it will be good, and that Lutsenko knows exactly. It will be good if Lutsenko closes the entrance to the GPU and dissolve the Department Kononenko-Granovsky. It is serious and we all will see it, and know it will be a society that Kononenko and Granovsky do not affect the decision of the Department on investigation of Affairs in the sphere of office activity.

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– Case closed Kononenko and it was restored to the post of Deputy factions.

– Did not care. If there are no witnesses that he is directly pressed on Abromavicius: what is it? It’s clear, from a legal point of view. We haven’t talked about Kononenko, as a person who is suspected of the criminal some kind of crime. There is no criminal offence. This is a political case and a political liability. Has no right to call the Deputy Minister and asking someone somewhere to assign. I have not done any call over three years. I can write an appeal. I do with Ministers and prosecutors do not communicate.

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– They say that the very corruption in the country is BP, because all the schemes that are being implemented, they are implemented by lobbying from BP.

– Somewhere you are right and somewhere wrong. So talking about BP, because it is more public and open. You don’t see what is happening in AP, the Cabinet? What you say applies to certain groups that were formed in Ukraine for 25 years. To be exact, approximately from 1998 to the present year, when was formed this system – oligarchic kleptocracy. And these groups are represented in Parliament. To say that all of BP this is wrong. To date, the BP a lot more people which are completely differently thinking, differently you see the future than those that were in the previous convocation.

– I would like, so they have won, and you them!

– Do not vote for them – this is the only recipe in the entire world.

– Why the need for certification of workers of the Prosecutor’s office?

– We had a lot of complaints to the competitions conducted for vacant posts of regional Prosecutor’s offices. There are those contests were “a bit rigged: it was three people, two for the species, and the one who chose the attorney General. And that society knows, because it happened in the framework of the commissions that there is performed. And the situation is such that it is clear that the law, which allowed Lutsenko to become attorney General, and that a little change in the prosecution system, just deferred prosecutorial system of self-government. And it can revise the manner of appointing these people to positions. And that’s a plus. I would be for this law voted in a separate form. So it is possible to clean these people.

– Why you need a number of different anticorruption organizations, platforms?

– To mess with people head. The legislation, to date, absolutely clearly allow all agencies to work actively in order to reduce the level of corruption. I’m not saying to fight corruption – it never won, but to reduce it. But this requires political will – if the political will is there, the President, the Prime Minister.

From October there is a NABOO. At least one name of their business.

– Essentially ready for 9 cases against judges, which will be transmitted. Should talk about Sytnik – I have no right to talk about it. Holodnitsky and Sytnik have to say about it. And they have things there ready, and very much to do. They are ready for transfer to court. It’s been six months since the NAB began its operation, when they launched the activities of the detectives. It’s a bit, because the code of criminal procedure provided, at least three months in order to conduct an investigation. And cases that relate to corruption, the more corruption, a senior, is a complex business. He may use things we need in this state that these things were absolutely winning. Because if NABOO will give the case, will otraportuet and then the case will fall apart on appeal, or cassation, then the society will lose trust. And he needs that trust, and he does everything right yet.

Just would like to see in a country where there is a war and a flourishing corruption, that all happened faster.

Is to Lyashko – it all quickly. It’s not me. But I know it’s supposed to be an objective process. I’m not a populist, I can’t promise that can’t happen.

– Why NABOO said it was none of their business – to dismantle offshore scandals? Whether the appointment of the Cabinet of the President of Kovalchuk and Polish reformers to turn the tide on corruption?

– The situation with corruption will be able to reverse the political will of the President together with the Prime Minister when they say that there will be more people to sit on the streams of the state budget, will remove all “looking”, Kononenko and Granovsky will come from the Prosecutor’s office. Then it will be normal activity against corruption. Political will is a major component of fighting corruption. To date, we do not see. Balcerowicz can show that, in principle, to do, and here’s how to do it, and this is our question. No one can tell us what to do in the procedure in order to achieve a certain result. Balcerowicz needed, and Kovalchuk, it’s simply formal functions, which require coordination of certain questions between the Cabinet and the President.

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– And you do not mind that he Parks not a very good relationship? Will they be able to contact?

– Well, thank God. It’s absolutely fine – there would be no adhesions between them, there will be mutual responsibility.

– But whether the NEB was interested in the offshore?

– Where to offshore the lists of public servants and people who today occupy political office, should do it. They refuse to do for reasons of formal correctness. They have jurisdiction, and it says that they are investigating. This is article 216 of the criminal procedure code. If the officer or Director, or the ultimate beneficiary – it is violating the law and it must be brought.

– Why your “anti-corruption platform” in the Parliament not raises all these questions?

– I raise these issues in Parliament and on every broadcast. I wrote over 3500 applications to the competent authorities. 23 million hryvnias fined in one of the companies recently. Made some good laws, for example, about the financing of political parties.

– It is the law that corruption is irrelevant.

– This is the most relevant to corruption. It all starts from there – on financing of political parties.

– And your salary increased?

– No. They were returned to the 2010 level.

– Deputy Leshchenko said that he is ready to transfer the temporary investigative Commission in the Parliament documents on the establishment of offshore Tymoshenko and the financing of politicians from these offshore companies. How can you Express the readiness to submit the documents fee, which is not?

– We have a Commission of inquiry. The question is that the activities of these temporary investigative commissions provided for in the regulations, and they have insufficient privileges. We are talking about the need to expand the powers of commissions of inquiry. The findings of these commissions of inquiry are not binding on the court. When we speak about necessity of creation of the law on temporary investigation Commission, we mean that we need a law for special temporary investigation Commission for impeachment of the President.

– If no investigation commissions, which would have the necessary powers, why not publish the documents, which are necessary for the country, in the press?

– Ask Leshchenko.

– Why are the laws of the new CEC, the commissions, about the election?

– Because they are not profitable 300 deputies of BP. And they are not profitable to them, because the law on elections by open lists makes noncompetitive 300 people who today are in BP. I don’t see today the mechanism which can make, for example, to vote all of the fraction NF for a new election law. On open lists, they are no one can get in, and generally will not be able to get there. Or BPP to date with rating – 8%. They can be made to vote, if you will 10-15 thousand people on the street and stand in front of the BP with the posters: “Vote for the law 1068-2”.

– Maybe it’s time to close the old CEC?

– Go under BP with placards: “I am Pleased, choose CEC”. But in order for Rada elected the CEC it is necessary that the President submitted the list. He has not filed.

– 450 deputies, which we maintain on their taxes, telling us: “Go and seek, because we can’t?”

– The member can only refer to people. Parliament is a mirror of society. This President’s authority – to submit the list of the CEC to Parliament voted. And it is not supplying year.

– Who makes the speakers to violate the rules? Who is this evil force that reads: “you push through at any cost!”?

– Evil power lies in the conglomeration of people who are in the AP, headed by the President, the government, led by the head of the government and some MPs from the NF and BPP. The regulations, procedure is a protection against a possible usurpation of power.

– Violation of rules – it is also corruption.

– Paruby, by adopting the law, on the same day, signed it and sent to the President for signature. He had no right to do it in 2 days. Because the law BP adopted in accordance with article 130 of the regulation, shall be signed not earlier than 2 days and not later than 5 days after its adoption. This is done so that if the law was adopted with violation of the procedure, if there are inaccuracies, this allows each MP to submit it. Deputies wrote at once the following resolution on the suspension. But not registered. Here’s the problem: the violation of any procedure. Democracy is primarily a procedure.

– It is clear that we now have in the power of the kleptocrats. Whether we are waiting for a special election? What’s with the project of Saakashvili?

– I did not have a direct relationship to the project of Saakashvili. I had direct relevance to the campaign “a Movement for the purification and were directly related to a serious negotiation process on the creation or rebranding of any particular political force, which would include all of the democratic platform, which today is. The same “Motion for clarification”, “Demalyansa”, “Power of the people”, “New country”, etc., in my opinion, a chance for today. And today much higher than it was, say, three months ago. We lead very complicated negotiations, and now we are entering the homestretch. Political force that will be created, and it will be created, (I would like that one, and perhaps two) will be quite different than the oligarchic, the sources of funding. It is my condition of entry to any political force.

– What initial steps will the new government?

– Groisman has already made the most important step that could impugn his work or could undermine its activities. He raised the rate. This can be done immediately or not to do ever. Tariff policy is a very serious issue. Then as many can tell, but the tariff will work.

– Do we have a chance to end the war in the coming years?

– No.

– If we have the chance to host the next Eurovision song contest in the Crimea?

– No.

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– If you are happy to increase parliamentary salaries?

– Without a doubt, because I only lived.

– What kind of music you listen to in the car?

Rock. Radio Rock.

– Is it true that today the largest political rating of Tymoshenko and “opposition bloc”?

– Yes.

– How much political power do you see yourself in the future?

– That which is created.

– Do you agree with the closure of the site “Peacemaker”?

– I don’t think.

– Do you agree with what was published the personal data of the journalists?

– I don’t think it was right to the end.

Have you ever had the frustration of Saakashvili’s actions?

– I am not particularly enamored of Saakashvili to be disappointed.

– Whether Lutsenko interrogated through the ethers, as he did, as Minister of the interior Ministry?


– Last book you read?

– This is a complex question. There is no time. But, I think I had read before I became a member.

– What is your favorite book?

– “Hour Of The Bull” Ephraim. I do love science fiction, because if it is scientific, it is the foresight and no nonsense.

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“What do you say when you meet in the Parliament Granovsky and Kononenko?

– Nothing.

– Can push in the near future the laws on elections in the Donbass, about constitutional amendments?

– I think not.

– Are there prospects for the Minsk agreements?

– I believe that the Minsk agreements, as the process needed. Minsk agreement, as a result, a huge issue.

Three steps that need to be done to reform the law enforcement system?

– New laws that we have adopted, needs to be filled with contents. And content they are filled through people. That is, there must come new people to implement the new laws. And here the problem is huge.

– Thank you very much, Victor.