IMF demands to raise the retirement age – Reva

МВФ требует повысить пенсионный возраст – Рева

IMF demands to raise the retirement age for Ukrainians

At the Ministry there is no argument in favor of raising the retirement age.

The international monetary Fund (IMF) insists on raising the retirement age in Ukraine. This broadcast NewsOne said social policy Minister Andriy Reva.

“In the future, for 10 years, we can due to the dependency of pension rights and the possibility to get it in normal size to how much you paid and for how long… it will give a big economic effect for the Pension Fund. But, I don’t know for what reasons, the Fund insists that we have to increase the retirement age,” – said the head of the Ministry of social policy.

According to the Minister, government estimates show that raising the retirement age will not solve the issue of the deficit of the Pension Fund of Ukraine.

“I see that there are dozens of other ways of filling the Pension Fund,” said Reva, noting that negotiations with the IMF on pension reforms are quite difficult.

The authorities have promised to “shock” the bill on pensions

Reva previously reported that one of the biggest obstacles for Ukraine’s IMF loan is the Pension Fund deficit.