IMF predicts surge in global growth

МВФ прогнозирует скачок роста мировой экономики

The European Central Bank

The locomotive of the economic recovery will be Europe.

The world is in anticipation of the most ambitious in the last ten years, the jump of the economy and the locomotive will perform Europe. This is stated in the forecast world market conditions prepared by the International monetary Fund.

The Fund forecasts improved growth for almost all regions. The growth of the world economy in 2017 should amount to 3.5 percent, and the next and 3.6.

“We have adjusted the projections in the direction of improvement for many of the Eurozone countries. In particular, Germany, France, Italy and Spain, where growth in the first quarter significantly exceeds our expectations,” the analysts write.

While the IMF does not exclude the possibility that the economies of continental Europe will grow even faster. For the United States, on the contrary, analysts have adjusted their forecast for economic growth downwards.

“From a global perspective, the adjustment of our optimistic forecast for the situation in the US is the most serious loss,” said IMF chief economist Maurice Obstfeld.

One of the reasons was the problem of Donald trump in the implementation of its ambitious infrastructure program.

2 July it was reported that the amount of direct investment of foreign enterprises in the U.S. economy declined sharply.

Last month the world Bank for the first time in the last four years has not reduced the growth forecast for the world economy.