IMF raises forecast of oil prices

МВФ повысил прогноз цен на нефть

IMF changes Outlook on oil

The international monetary Fund expects that in 2018, the oil will be traded at the level of 59.9 per dollar per barrel. The current forecast compared with the previous increased by 9.7 per dollar.

The international monetary Fund raised the forecast of world oil prices in 2018 9.7 per dollar compared with the previous October forecast — by 59.9 per barrel. This is stated in the Fund’s report on the world economy the World Economic Outlook, writes Prime.

“The expected average price of oil according to the IMF forecast based on futures (11 Dec 2017) for 59.9 per barrel in 2018 and 56.4 per barrel in 2019”, – stated in the report.

The IMF in October lowered the forecast of world oil prices in 2017 and 2018 at $ 1.6 and $ 1.8 per barrel to 50.3 and 50.2 per dollar, respectively.

Recall, the international rating Agency Standard & Poor’s Global Ratings has raised its forecast for oil prices in 2018. Analysts expect Brent crude to average will cost $ 60 per barrel versus the previously anticipated $ 55 per barrel.