IMF: the World faces a new financial crisis

МВФ: Миру грозит новый финансовый кризис

The IMF warned about the risks of a crisis

Crisis can happen of the debt of the G20 countries in the $ 135 trillion.

Good times experienced by the world economy, mask long-term risks, in particular the total debt burden of G20 countries in the $ 135 trillion. It warned the international monetary Fund, writes with reference to Financial Times.

The newspaper reminds that the Foundation has updated its forecast for global growth this year and next year. The IMF noted that benign economic conditions were fuelling the risk appetite. But this factor together with the policy of Central banks after the crisis of 2008 lays the Foundation for a new global crisis.

“Although the situation seems calm, vulnerabilities develop and remain without proper attention. This may undermine the global economic recovery,” said the warden to the IMF for financial stability Tobias Adrian.

He added that hoosiermama contribute to the development of samouverennost positive effect on the spread of financial excesses.

The IMF report called the global financial stabilizationthe that if things will continue to move in the same direction the world is heading for a new financial crisis, during which stock prices will fall 15%, domestic prices by 9%, and global GDP will shrink by 1.7%.

Such a crisis is three times weaker than the one that the world experienced in 2008. But the IMF noted that it would still be broad and substantial.

We will remind, the international monetary Fund predicts real GDP growth of Ukraine in 2017 by 2% with consumer inflation at year end in the amount of 10%.