IMF: we are Waiting for the sale of land and pension reform

МВФ: Ждем продажу земель и пенсионную реформу

The IMF voiced the wish list after granting Ukraine a billion dollar loan

Ukraine can no longer afford to defer pension reform, according to the Fund.

The IMF said, what do you expect from Ukraine after the addition of a new loan of one billion dollars. This list is as land privatization and raising the retirement age.

President Petro Poroshenko said today that the IMF approved the fourth tranche to Ukraine one billion dollars. According to him, it is “another recognition of the Ukrainian reforms”.

The Foundation believes that a more rapid growth of the Ukrainian economy needed reforms to improve the business environment, and the beginning of this should put the privatization of land.

“The beginning should be privatized and market development of agricultural lands. The fight against corruption needs to be more decisive, because even with the creation of new institutions to combat corruption, concrete results have not yet been achieved,” – said in a press release, the IMF.

In addition, the Fund expect and pension reform, including raising the age of destination. This should help reduce the country’s public debt.

“Ukraine can no longer afford to delay comprehensive pension reform, which would include, in particular, and increasing the effective retirement age” – say in the Fund.

In addition, the IMF noted the need to improve revenue administration and the promotion of the reform of the public administration system of Ukraine.

The Fund also insists on the need to continue “efforts to restore stability of banks and strengthening their ability to support growth.”

Earlier Корреспондент.net published the full text of the Memorandum, the IMF and Ukraine.