Immigrant invest: in July, came into force changes in the program of obtaining permanent residence of Malta for investment

Иммигрант Инвест: в июле вступили в силу изменения в программу получения ПМЖ Мальты за инвестиции

Permanent residence of Malta for investment became more attractive. Since July 4, came into force changes to the MRVP program, which has simplified and accelerated the procedure for the submission and consideration of documents of the investor. Details told the lawyer, the Director for development of company’s “the Immigrant invest” Elena Ruda.

The Maltese program of obtaining permanent residence by investment (MRVP) continue to be available non — resident citizens of the EU under the purchase of government bonds in the amount of 250 million euros for 5 years and the purchase or rental of housing on the same period. With permanent residence, the investor will be able to optimize the taxation, and his family will receive a “reserve airfield” in the European country, the opportunity to live in Malta and to travel freely in the Schengen countries. In this case, for obtaining a Maltese permanent residence do not need to study the history and language of the country.

As Malta needs to attract investment in 2017 in the MRVP program has been made a number of simplifications. The most important was that the stay of the applicant in the territory of Malta is not regulated. If before a permanent resident can remain in the country for more than 6 months in a year (or not more than 10 over the past 4 years before updating resident cards), and now this period is not limited, and if desired, the resident may not come into the country. But stay in Malta allows European to obtain permanent residence, although he will need to learn the Maltese language.

Reduced the deadline for filing of claims and their treatment: for this purpose, a Malta Residence and Visa Agency that deals exclusively with the investor’s statements. It should be noted that the changed amount of non-refundable fee: formally, it is still 30 million euros, but covers consideration of the application of only the closest family members of the investor. Now for each of the other relatives will have to pay 5 thousand euros, but at the same time in a statement after the approval, you can include parents and grandparents of the investor or of his spouse, daughter-in-law or son-in-law (provided that their spouse — the child of the investor — have already been approved), and grandchild, regardless of whether he was born or adopted. The latter include, subject to the approval either of his parents.

I changed the order of payment of the basic non-refundable fee: previously, when applying the investor paid 5500 Euro and 24,500 euros was made after consideration of the documents. Now the first part of the fee is 5 thousand euros, and the second — 25 thousand euros.

The changes affected also the conditions for obtaining permanent residence by children of the principal applicant. In particular, now the program considers a dependent family member of a child who was born or adopted after getting approval on the application. Children whose financial dependence is proved, can participate in the program MRVP at the request of the father or mother without limits (previously, such a restriction was the achievement of 27 years of age). As for the children, whose dependence tied to physical, mental, sensory, or mental disabilities, and have medical conditions — in their case, there is no need to prove that they need support and are living together with the applicant.
One of the innovations — certificate of no criminal record. Earlier it is getting to be difficult: Malta demanded such a statement from persons 12 years and older, whereas the age of criminal responsibility, to obtain such a document, in most countries is 14 years. Now in the program MRVP age persons who need police certificate, also raised to 14 years. In addition, the certificate no longer need to contact the police in Malta only to the relevant authorities of the countries where people lived before more than 6 months within the last 10 years.

As you can see, the Republic of Malta is committed to ensuring that the new terms of the program investment immigration is very simple and straightforward, expanding the rights of investors. Read more about the MRVP program can be found on the official website of “Immigrant investment”, which is licensed by the Maltese government and provides assistance to investors wishing to apply for permanent residence in Malta for investment.