Immigrants on the mortgage, an Unmanageable amount

Переселенцы об ипотеке: Неподъемная сумма

The settlers expressed their point of view on the mortgage.

The Deputy Minister on the issues of the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons, the George Tooke in Facebook asked the question about a possible mortgage. Tuck wrote that after long negotiations with banks went on such indicators of mortgage: term 20 years, sum – 20 thousand Euro, and the monthly payment – approximately 3600 – 4150 UAH.

In the comments Tuka explained that the mortgage interest rate will be difficult because 50% of the “loan” extinguish the Germans. Credit want to do in the national currency with a fixed rate.

Then Tooke writes that doubt these mortgages and looking for other spooby.

“I think this is an exorbitant amount – trying to find options for minimizing. Here and consult” – adds the Deputy Minister..

He also asked the asked whether immigrants such conditions.

For this he received many different opinions.

“Yes, it can be a little greater detail to give? What is the interest rate, any other additional conditions??”, – asked Dmitry Melnichenko.

“No. I have one housing in the mortgage program of youth lending in Donetsk there. Thank you. Housing no credit left,” answers Irina Shmeleva.

“No. I have three children. My income is 860 UAH per month for children. I’m on maternity leave. At her husband’s state salary is about 5000 UAH. Do the math – can we have a payment to make?” – adds Julia Islyamova.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the European investment Bank will allocate 300 million hryvnias of the help to immigrants.