Immigration from Ukraine to Israel increased by 20%

Иммиграция из Украины в Израиль выросла на 20%

Most in Israel Russian citizens traveling.

For 2017, arrived in Israel 7 161 Ukrainian. The rate of growth in the number of new citizens from Ukraine grew by almost 20% compared to the year 2016.

This is stated in the final report for the number of new immigrants and returning residents who arrived in Israel last year, published by the Department of the Ministry of aliyah and integration, reports channel 9.

According to published reports, in 2017, arrived in Israel 200 people 34: 28 600 new immigrants and returning 5 600 Israelis. The rate of growth in the number of new citizens in 2017 in General grew by 5% compared with the year 2016.

Indicates that most people – 7 188 people – came from Russia (in 2016 – 7 192). On the second place on number of immigrants – Ukraine (7 161 last year – 5 994). From France came 3 389 persons (last year – 4 802), United States – 2 929 people (last year – 3 150).

Also increased in 2017, the number of new immigrants from Greece (971), Ethiopia (1311), Brazil (674), great Britain (504), Canada (369) and Turkey (388).

As reported Корреспондент.netIsrael will accelerate the procedure of consideration of requests of Ukrainian citizens about the asylum and deportation of the Ukrainians, for whom this is denied.

The fraudsters lured the Ukrainians in Israel “fast money”


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